Monday, February 18, 2013

So You're Going To See Beyoncé...Now What?

Editor's Note: Parts of this post were written prior to the debut of Mrs. Knowles-Carter's fantabulous documentary, which I am sure has upped the ante for you music lovers.

Now that tickets have gone on sale to the general public and you've asked your cousin, best friend, girl you know from college for the hook up bought them through Live Nation or Ticketmaster, I'm sure you are all doing the 'Single Ladies' wave in prep for The Mrs. Carter Show!

Short story: I don't think Beyonce's website was prepared for the amount of traffic/people who wanted tickets a few weeks ago. Her site was shut down for 40 minutes and at 10:05, the tickets were sold OUT. I looked like this at my desk: 

BUT THEN  after watching the 'sold out' sign hovering next to the Chicago show, I refreshed the page (x100) and magically 4 tickets became on sale in one of the best sections.... and I got them!! I was all:

And of course my next question was..what am I going to wear?! This isn't just a concert. By the title of this concert tour, her show stopping promotion of a woman we all wish was our BFF in "Life Is But A Dream", you can tell Beyoncé did not come to play so neither should you. Below are my top suggestions for you to show up and show out at the Mrs. Carter Show:

Lamé is a knit fabric that usually is produced in gold and silver metallic tones. It's stiffer and outlines your shape, attracting light in flattering places. In "Lamé -ns" terms, it's shiny and makes you look more sophisticated than the average twentysomething-clubgoer. Sequins are out, Lamé is where it's at.
Anthony Vaccarello Gold Tone Pants, Egypt Leggings, Lame Silk Striped Blouse, Witchery Lame Tee, Vionnet Wrap Top 

I know; going to a concert means you'll be standing most of the time, but this is unfortunately a burden we carry as women. Heels are a must. No Flip Flops, no Flats, no cute Gladiator Sandals. NO! Come as the best version of yourself to this affair, and if you need tips on how to make your shoes comfy before wear, click here.
Miss Maze Peep Toe, Ellie Lace Up Stiletto, Iron Fist lip and Hear Boots , TopShop Lace Wing Boots,  Jeffery Campbell Mapmaking Boots, River Island Cage Bootie

Try a style you've never tried before. The pros: it's a dark concert and the only photo's you'll have are the ones you take before you go. The rest will be of 'Crazy In Love' or your favorite Bey performance.

Stand out-- it's a concert after all, and regardless of when this tour hits your city, be a walking Pop Of Color!

I hope to see all my fellow Chicagoans at the July 17th show! You can look for the girl wearing all of the above, and working it out in the United Center seats:

Happy Monday!


Photo Credit: BellaSugar, Gorgeous Hair, Fashion Bomb Daily, African American Wedding Hair ,Princess Hairstyles, A Cup of Chic