Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I'm Not Biker Chic, I'm Metallic Chic!

It's that time again, folks! So let's get straight to our Hump Day Post :)

The Internet is a blaze as of late, with Spring, Pre-Fall/Fall 2012 Trends and one that seems to be here to stay is the Motorcycle Jacket. Here is the thing: We have seen Biker Chic before, and while Leather is truly a closet staple in any form, I personally don't have a style aesthetic that matches "Grunge" or "Biker". HOWEVER! I can completely agree with Metallic (remember: Let It Shine ?), Glitter (how about Glitter Is A Girls BFF ?), Or Sparkles as Outerwear: 

IRO Spring 2012

IRO Spring 2012

Atelier Versace Spring 2012 Couture

These jackets are BEAUTIFULLY constructed. They have the same Edge-y feel as the Moto frame, but there is a lot of POP going on. With IRO, the jackets have strategically placed zippers, stained leather, and a fashion fave: sequins. With Versace, glitter & revolutionary detailing create the beauty of these pieces. These Jackets are a far cry from Harley, (Sorry Mr. Davidson) and should be in every girl's closet ASAP!

So, how do you do it?
  • Again, this trend is obviously NON Biker Chic. Everything you wear underneath should be clean. Straight-legged or Skinny Jeans, and simple colored Tanks/Tees, or Dresses. The idea is to be innovate with the jacket - step outside the Moto box!
  • Play up the color! As seen in a few pieces above, there is nothing wrong here with matching. You can match one (if not all) the colors of the jacket to a piece you are wearing, OR you can make your own suit and add color to your bottom half.
  • Don't over-accessorize! This trend is in a very central location. You won't need a lot of 'POP' elsewhere. Try and stay simple with jewelry - Gold and Silver Studs or plain colored Bangles.
  • Identify your shapes - be mindful of where on your body the Jacket ends. If it hits you at the waist, identify your waist with either a belt, or a long top so this fabulous trend doesn't "chop" your body. Show your silhouette from head to toe.

Look at some of these for inspiration:

ASOS Metallic Collarless Leather Biker Jacket
KARL Octavia Sequined Biker Jacket
Royal Underground Ruffle-Trim Metallic Motorcycle Jacket

Calvin Klein Faux Ultrasuede Metallic Moto Jacket
Ralph Lauren Jenski Metallic Suede Jacket

Blaze the trail in a Glam way!


Monday, January 23, 2012

Pleats, Please!

Top of another week to you all! Wherever you are reading this, I hope you have saved your Monday attire from all the slush and snow. On this Manic Monday, I want to draw your attention to Pleats, but not just any pleats, Chiffon Pleats! They are no longer just for school girls- peep Katherine Heigl in this month's Elle Magazine:

Katherine Heigl in Fendi
Photo Credit: Tom & Lorenzo
There is something so regal about pleats to me. The presence of a well done pleat is so Royal and Chic, you command attention when you walk in any room - which is why my closet is full of pleats ;)

Case & Point:  "Carrie Bradshaw" in Halston Heritage Iconic Pleated Long Dress in Orange
Photo Credit Google Images

I'm also Team Pleats because the lines are vertical, and we all know how I feel about vertical (slim) lines. With the bold return of Chiffon, this trend is a priority for the upcoming Spring/Vacation season.

Want some Pleats? Here are my tips before you do:
  • Just because it's see through, doesn't mean I have to see you! Chiffon Pleats are great, but don't go the normal route with see-thru textiles and show off your underoos - take this chance to do something different! Experiment with different colors, prints, or even textures (Lace and Chiffon can't go wrong).
  • Don't loose your shape! Most Chiffon pieces are billowy - they create a lot of movement and volume on the body. Make sure the remainder of your outfit is juxtaposed with something form fitting so you can show off your bodacious bod.
  • Remember the rules! Chiffon Pleats, and pleats of any kind for that matter, are still garments. Remember which garments fit you and compliment you best to afford this trend (Note: This advice goes for all frocks).

Try it out!:

Penelope Silk Maxi Dress
The Colorblocked Maxi Dress Mint X Navy

The Colorblocked Party Dress

The Jasmine Pleated Pant

Try it in Bikini form - Seafolly Pleat Bandeau Bikini

Live it up like royalty in Pleats, Girl!


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

So I Watched The Golden Globes- Now What?

Hello and what a fabulous day it is for another BLOG POST! :) The focus for this post Ladies (and you fashionable Gents) is pretty self explanatory in the title. With countless pre-pre arrival, and arrival specials for Designer creations, we essentially sat through 3+ hours of a fashion show. So now what? You may be thinking 'I have no where to wear these dresses, so how does this show benefit me?' This is where I can help.

Many of these dresses were from Spring and Pre-Fall Collections of this year, there were 3 noteworthy trends from the 2012 Golden Globes: Mermaid, Natural Waist, Feathers & Fringe, and I am here to show you how to incorporate these in your daily wardrobe.

Trend Alert#1: Mermaid

Charlize Theron in Dior, Sofia Vergara in Vera Wang, Reese Witherspoon & Kelly Osbourne both in Zac Posen

Each of these dresses, and the stars that adorn them, are magnificent in their own right; but to me, there is a timeless Vintage presence about the cut of a Mermaid dress that is always a safe bet when dressing up. The construction of 'The Mermaid' has 2 perks: 1. The bodice of the dress does all the work, no shapewear needed! 2. The flare at the bottom gives volume and draws attention to those gorgeous gams of yours! Below are a few everyday choices to get 'Maid:

Champ de Mars Dress

I Really Mist You Dress in Taupe

Midnight Sun Dress

Trend Alert#2: The Natural Waist
Ariel Winter in D&G, Viola Davis in Emilio Pucci, Laura Dern in Andrew GN, Diana Agron in Giles Deacon, Jessica Alba in Gucci, Tilda Swinton in Haider Ackermann

We've had the Dropped Waist, the Empire waist, and even the Hip Hugger. In 2012 it's now time to embrace the Natural Waist. This is also a very traditional and Vintage cut with the accents hitting not too far under the bust line. The best part of this trend, as shown above by the Hollywood Starlets is, whether a full or fitted skirt is paired with this trend, the end result is always flattering. It takes attention away from the hips and accents the bust, and that's just the best thing since sliced bread. Check out some causal options below to let it fall by the waist side:

Urban Orchard Color Block Strapless Dress

Etiquette of a Lady Color Block Lace Dress

Collective Concepts Life in Prism Print Dress

Trend Alert#3: Feathers & Fringe
Evan Rachel Wood in Gucci, Mary J in Michael Kors, Wendi Murdoch in Tom Ford
What is not to love about this trend? It's different, fun and accentuates every movements of your body! Besides brining back a 70's favorite, feathers and fringe are like walking accesories. Just a few hints of sparkle on your ears, neck or wrist like these Stars have done and you are dressed for any fete. So Fringe on!:

Imitation Oakley Fringe Vest

Shakuhachi Macrame Fringe Tank

Diane von Furstenberg Limora Jacket with Fringe

Photo Credit:,,,,,,

See the Golden Globes was worth it - now you can be Red Carpet ready every day :)

Until next time!


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Give Kredit Where Kredit Is Due

TGIAF (Thank God It's Almost Friday) readers and thank you for visiting!

I just had to say this: Although the Kardashian Kraze seems to still be sweeping the nation, I am not one to purport their inexplicable fame. I will say, however, that they dress impeccably and any Girl interested in fashion would dream to play dress up in their closets. Whether that be in large part to stylist Monica Rose, or they have developed their own fashion sense has yet to be seen, I still have to make note of some fabulous choices.

I saw this picture of Mama Bear Kris Kardashian Jenner in their 2011 Holiday Card:

Kris Jenner wearing D & G
I have rarely seen sequins done in color so tastefully. On top of that, pairing with the Collar and Bow Tie spruced up a traditional dress silhouette. I was so moved by this piece, that it was the inspiration for my 2011 NYE outfit:

I am wearing, ASOS Pencil Skirt in Sequins , Forever 21 Lace Accent Sweater (Similar Here), H&M Bowtie Belt, and Sam Edelman Women's Nivan Platform T Strap Pumps (not pictured).

I loved my outfit and even though I went glam with classic sequins, I felt fashionably equipped to celebrate the New Year. :)

Thank you Ms. Rose/Mrs. Jenner for pulling the inspiration together, and more importantly D&G for giving every girl some sparkle.

For more of the 2011 Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana  Fall Collection see my favorites below as well as on

Ta-Ta for now!

D&G Fall 2011

D&G Fall 2011

D&G Fall 2011

D&G Fall 2011

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Just For Kicks: Hi Tops!

Hello Glorious Readers!
It has been a while, but I promise I will not leave you without a morsel of fashion for too long again! Since it has been so long, we are going to get right to the point - or in this case to the top!

For Spring 2012 one of the trends I hold near and dear to my heart are High Top Sneakers. As a 90's baby this brings back all kind of Fresh Prince & Kriss Kross nostalgia, but let me tell you these Sneak's on women, are sexy. Take note:

We first saw these on Mrs. Knowles - Carter in her 'Love on Top' video when she paid homage to Boys II Men (see how the 90's are making a comeback?):
Beyonce wearing Isabel Marant Bekket Sneakers
I don't know what there is not to love about these shoes! Aside from the throwback to a fabulous decade, they are chic and......COMFORTABLE. They aren't hard to pair with your existing wardrobe, either. Since (ankle) Booties have been a hit for the past 2 years just incorporate your styling ideas with these. Below are a few words of wisdom if you are still hesitant :):
  • High Top Sneakers are bottom heavy - they're meant to be. Most will feature hits of gold or silver, or both with bold colors. Make sure to create a balance in your outfit and on your body and wear longer tops.
  • Back to that color issue - most shoes will have a lot of them. Don't worry about wearing all those colors at the top. In fact, don't worry about wearing any of them! Try Opposite Colors - they are fun and make your outfit pop!
  • For bottoms - keep it Skinny or Straight legged. You can wear leggings, jeans, or even tights, but just make sure part, if not all of the hem of your bottoms, can fit inside and showcase the tounge of the shoes.
Here are a few of my favorites, including one from my own personal collection:
Isabel Marant Sneaker
Adidas Metallic High-Top Sneaker
Vlado New Age Gold Black High-Top Sneakers
Aldo Nets
The Bea Sneaker in Yellow and Camel Suede
And mine :) Fila Women's High Top Sneakers
And just for Kicks...



"I Love My Body"

Happy Tuesday!
I just had to take a moment to post this. I have, like most girls, been insecure about my body. It was a fight and a discomfort that took years to overcome, but I have never been happier when I look in the mirror. Of course there are things that I can change - we are creatures of nature things always change. But for the most part I love me and I love my curves (if I haven't drilled that into your heads enough), and you should too! I may not always agree with Christina Aguilera's style choices, but her self mantra is one that I will always stand behind. Below is an excerpt from Ms. Aguilera's new Marie Claire interview, and besides her voice and The Voice, she is an astouding advocate of loving yourself:
Source: Marie Claire

"'I've been through my highs, I've been through my lows; I've been through the gamut of all things in this business. Being too thin. Being bigger. I've been criticized for being on both sides of the scale. It's noise I block out automatically. I love my body. My boyfriend loooves my body. My son is healthy and happy, so that's all that matters to me.'

Unlike a lot of Hollywood's size-00 denizens, who obsess with near-OCD fervor over every calorie, Aguilera claims she has never been more at peace with her figure. 'I have certain physical features that I favor over others. We all have our areas,' she says. 'When I worked on Burlesque, I lost so much weight that I was too skinny. I don't weigh myself — it's all about how I feel in my clothes. What looks good on one person might not look good on another body type. I happen to be very confident in my own skin. It takes time to get to that place, but it's all about embracing yourself and your body.' " - Marie Claire

You can read more of her interview with the link below, but take some time today and kiss the mirror. You deserve it!
Until next time!


Monday, January 2, 2012

TLW: Designer Profile Series - LaQuan Smith

Hello and Happy New Year! It is officially 2012 and I am happy to be starting the new year with all of you, my awesome readers!

For my first post of the new year I wanted to try something a bit different and help you further understand my style aesthetic, as well as introduce and discuss worthy Fashion Engineers (let's be honest, they are more than just designers). Today I wanted to introduce you divas to LaQuan Smith.
Lala Anthony wearing LaQuan Smith F11
I first caught Mr. Smith's designs on Lala at the VH1 Divas Celebrate Soul 2011 special, and fell in love because of the print and asymmetrical hem lines. This dress shows off Lala's legs while being conservative and form fitting at the top, which to me is creates the perfect balance in this garment.  This dress is from his Fall 2011 Eclipse collection, and as I dove more into his designs my admiration and respect for his craft grew:

LQS Fall/Winter '11 - '12

LQS Fall/Winter '11 - '12

LQS Fall/Winter '11 - '12

LQS Fall/Winter '11 - '12
Photo Credit: LaQuan Smith

LaQuan Smith is a 23 year old New York based designer. He has shown in 2010 and 2011 New York Fashion Week and started with a dream, his grandmothers sewing machine, and rejection letters from both FIT and Parsons (seriously?!).  His craftsmanship, beyond the fact he is a self taught designer, is impeccable and his relation of garments to the body is a phenomenon to be reckoned with (peep the ruffles!). I am officially LaQuan Smith's number one fan and my first purchase from his RTW line will be these 3D Gold Leggings

LaQuan Smith

You can check out his past collections on his official website, and follow him on Twitter @LaQuanSmith - I know I am :)

Until next time Divas and once again Happy 2012!