Sunday, April 29, 2012

Stars Came To WORK At The WHCD!

Happy Sunday Divas!

The 2012 White House Correspondents Dinner was last night and as you know, the celebs and journalists alike rolled out their Glam Squad for the event hosted by Jimmy Kimmel. See below for my favorite looks of the night & why:

Ginnifer Goodwin in H&M's 2012 Conscious Collection
This is a win for H&M! The retailer has definitely upped their style/manufacturing within the past few years and major kudos to them for producing pieces to this caliber. Aside from the natural waist, Goodwin isn't overpowered or swallowed by her adornments in this ruffle number and her POC with red lips is just right.

Ivanka Trump in Naeem Kahn
We all know I love to sparkle so right away this dress caught my attention; but I also loved the lines here. Usually when the eye is brought to the center of the body it can have a negative effect. In this Kahn dress however, the lines continue down the center front adding a slimming effect.

Kate Hudson in Jenny Packham 
 More sparkle! Bravo to Ms. Hudson - not only is the new mother of 2 rocking this Curve hugging full length sheath, her dress is the center of attention paired with one of the most phenomenal buns I've ever seen!

Kerry Washington in Calvin Klein Collection
This look is in the running for my favorite. The color is completely on trend for the season with a hint of sexy in the "V" neckline, and her makeup is flawless with a coral/nude hue to match.

Lindsay Lohan 
I don't know the designer of Ms. Lohan's dress - I'm mostly just glad she showed up and showed out a bit. I've seen a lot of blogs trash this look but I think it's classic! She's working the Old Hollywood vibe with the Siren Red lip, her natural color locks, and black dress. The reason this halter cut works so well on her, is because if the full skirt & train at the bottom. It's not too body hugging, but the silhouette it's creating on her is very old school glam.

Elle MacPherson in Romona Keveza
Slick Splits! I love the cut of this dress, the emphasized waist, the contrast of black fabrics, and of course the split showing off those infamous gams. Simple elegance with sex appeal. Fab as always Ms. MacPherson.

Viola Davis in Amsale
Viola Davis wins my Look Of the Night award! From previous red carpets we know that Ms. Davis isn't afraid to play with different looks whether it's color, or hairstyles and she always beams this ray of confidence that is the paramount part of any ensemble. Here, she is a vision in Amsale not only in a color that complements her complexion and on trend for Spring, but the embellishment at the top of her dress coupled with the natural waist creates such a Curvy silhouette that is to die for. Work it out, Viola!

What do you guys think? Did these Ladies dress their best for the POTUS? Leave your comments and be heard at The Last Word.


Photo Credit: CoCo Perez, Huffington Post, Fashionologie

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I Want To Hear From My Curvy Gals!

I've had a great time here at The Last Word. I have been connecting with many of you, and I hope readers get as much empowerment from my posts as I do writing them. Embracing Curvy here on this blog has even helped me escape my own hip hugging insecurities, and I am so happy to have a medium to do so!

That being said, I know you have seen all these posts:
There's No Fear in Fashion - Just Ask Fran Fine!

So I Watched The Golden Globes- Now What?

Just For Kicks: Hi Tops!

Jeans For My Big Ol' Butt

Midi's Are NOT Your Mom's Work Attire!
..but I want you all to know this blog is about you too! I want to know what Curvy obstacles you think you may have to we can blaze through them together.

Email me at the blog's official email: The Last Word
Follow me: @AriannaAKG
& add me on Google Reader!

I can't wait to hear from you all & remember: Curvy Girls have The Last Word.


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Calling All My Chicago Fashionistas!

To all my Chicago Fashionistas, please join me this Thursday in celebrating the Chic 1st Anniversary of Shop 857!

Located in the heart of Lincoln Park, Shop 857 features exclusive Ready to Wear following each seasons Show Stopping tends! Plus, everyone who stops in this Thursday will receive 15% off your total purchase! The party is sponsored by Ciroc, so come toast with me on this Thirsty Thursday :)


Photo Credit:

Friday, April 20, 2012

Meet Arianna The Designer!

So as I mentioned before in my post Shopaholic Not So Anonymous, I have been working on a variety things in my personal life; one of which is designing. My mom, Assata Green, was a Chicago Fashion Designer in the late 80's to early 90's. As homage to her eloquent craft, I have decided to continue producing under her name!

I have been designing for some time for myself, but my first client was none other than ChiStyleMaven. She has a style obsession with Bow Tie's & Menswear so of course I created a piece for her!

To see the full story and how we went from her Pinterest boards to her latest neck piece, and to see us both in our Menswear, visit her latest post: My 2 Obsessions Have Collided Bow Ties:

I have created a variety of Collars and Bow Ties for myself, and honestly I think they're timeless pieces. You can wear it to a formal event, or in your every day wear, and it looks so classic. For more photo's of Ana's Bow Tie see below, and for your own custom creation, contact me!

Email me at or follow me on Twitter - I would love to connect with you :)

Thanks for being my first customer, Ana!

I hope to create custom pieces for you all, as well. Don't be shy. ;)


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Midi's Are NOT Your Mom's Work Attire!

Remember how I told you that fashion was cyclical? Well time to kick it old school baby, because the Midi Dresses are a good shape for us Curvy Girls!

I was really inspired when I saw the exquisite Emily Blunt on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' yesterday. I know you're wondering why I reference this Show as of late -I set up my Tivo for Ellen because the guest spots have been amazing; but I digress. Emily was paling around with Ellen yesterday in a collared Midi Dress from Victoria Beckham's Fall 2012 line:

Emily Blunt in Victoria Beckham Fall 2012

Victoria Beckham RTW Fall 2012
Photo's courteous of The Ellen DeGeneres Show &

Ms. Blunt loves her dress- she says it's very "Posh" and you should too!

I love to shout about Curves on this site, but I also like to celebrate being who you are on whatever the occasion. I think the 'Midi' is the perfect opportunity to show your sexy curvy side appropriately, within the realms of Corporate America. The dress is a professional silhouette, and because of both the sultry and work appropriate length, you can pull this look off in the sometimes unfashionable hours of 9-5. Here's how:

  • If you remember my first post, Ever Wonder Why You're A Fruit?, I highly recommended pencil skirts. I still do, and this is it in full dress form!
  • High Heels - high as you can go for work. The only possible negative of this style is that it takes over your whole body. However, wearing heels will give a presence to your lower half and give you height to show off that slender chic look from the Midi Dress.
  • Prints! The best part of this dress is that it's slimming, right? Well prints in one direction have the same, if not better effect. Experiment! It's you best opportunity to.
All of my suggestions are from Global Beauty & Fashion online retailer ASOS. They carry & create this style of dress with utter perfection. PLUS- there's a 70% of sale these days! Check it out:

Motel Midi Dress With Cut Out Racer Back In Aztec Print

Motel Zoe Midi Racer Dress Batik
Motel Midi Dress Cut Out Racer Back in Leopard Print

ASOS PETITE Exclusive Midi Dress In Squiggle Print

Motel Midi Zoe Dress in Abstract Pebble Print

Ganni Striped Midi Dress with Button Detail

ASOS PETITE Exclusive Midi Dress In Scarf Print
ASOS Midi Pencil Dress With Wrap Skirt

Tell me! What are some other ways to rock this 70's inspired trend?


Thursday, April 12, 2012

"What's So Big About A Size 6?"

Yesterday, Khloe Kardashian Odom was a guest on The Ellen Show to talk about her recent Cosmo cover, "Kimye", and her achievements in teaming up with Sears. Once more, I am not fueling the Kardashian train, but I do love their style (see Give Kredit Where Kredit Is Due) including her outfit below:

Khloe is wearing Kardashian Kollection 'Road to Nowhere' jacket (in stores May 2012), and Kardashian Kollection Button Front Blouse

Odom says she was honored, and surprised in the request to perform Cover Girl duties because she is ridiculed for her weight; she in fact says, "I think you sent this [offer] to the wrong sister". Nevertheless Khloe showed off her Curves because "she doesn't have to be a size 0 to be on the cover". Preach!

Watch the clip below to see Mrs. Odom's beaming self esteem and pride about her sexy:

I am 100% behind Khloe's brand of self respect. She is gorgeous with a great personality to match, but in a forever battle with the media when compared to her sisters. I also empathize with Khloe - because I'm her size! I'm a size 6/8 and 5'8" and there isn't one thing I would change about my physique. Three words Khlo': You - Go- Girl. For more information on Mrs. Odom, check out the new issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine on new stands now.

She's sexy and she knows it!

Media Credit: The Ellen Show YouTube Channel, Kim Kardashian Official Website

*Just a side note: Thank you ALL for reading! It is a joy to write things that I hope bear some meaning with you and I am so grateful for your weekly visits! Curvy girls rock ;)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

There's No Fear in Fashion - Just Ask Fran Fine!

So originally this was 2 posts but I combined it into one, since I saw both of my messages had the same theme :)

As I aim to empower us Women of all shapes, sizes, and colors by embracing the beauty in ourselves, I also want you readers to feel a sense of confidence; to be proud of what you wear and how you wear it. I know I typically do a lot of posts about clothes that aren't "normal wear" - but that is kind of my point. I think everyone should define the normal from their own wardrobes! There may be a dress code where you go, but I have never heard of a "Style Code" and believe me if there was one, I would be breaking it everyday. There is a time and place for every frock but that doesn't mean you can't express who you are from inside your closet. One woman I think embodies this ideology truly, is my ultimate style icon, Ms. Fran Fine:

Wasn't TV so much better back then?

I know some of you are thinking I'm crazy!! Some of you may think The Nanny was loud, brash, and her outfits were downright tacky, but that is exactly why I love her! Fran was fearless in every sense of the word. On top of the fact that in any given episode she had at least 5 wardrobe changes that alternated different jewelry, shoes, and hairpieces (NOTE: embrace faux hair - that's a blog post for later), Fran wore what she pleased to where she pleased and she wasn't sorry about it! That is a TRUE Fashionista. 

Work, Fran!

Fran welcomed the challenge of defying the "Style Quo" and from the looks of these images, she had a blast in doing so. That is why I am so eager to bring you all posts and outfit combinations that you may not normally see. It's fun to push the limits, but more importantly to push yourselves. There's so much untapped individuality in Fashion and there is definitely a difference in the way you & I wear this seasons pieces. 

The woman was not without her suits!

With all that said, I'm sure the question is 'how am I supposed to do this?' 'It's great to be fearless, but when?' And 'where am I ever going to wear a snack inspired dress like the one above?'  That's what I'm here for :)

Here are some rules in breaking the rules:
  1. People will stare. I don't say this to be cocky, or encourage you to be, it's just the truth. If you push the limits it will both intrigue and confuse people. Either way you will gain some onlookers in your bravery of Couture. Accept it now! It's just a silent compliment ;)
  2. Don't let your clothes be your leash. What I mean is this: it was almost 80 degrees in the past couple of weeks and I wore my fair share of leather. It doesn't matter the season at times, just have a little fun! Some of your clothes are too cute to be confined to one season! Remember those sleeveless turtlenecks?
  3. Treat the Movie Theatre, Mall, Club, and Grocery Store the same. I don't encourage you to wear party dresses everywhere (but if you do I won't stop you!); but like I said before there isn't a dress code to the general public. You are expressing yourself in everything you wear and just because you wear heels to the Supermarket, does not mean you are out of place. The Nanny sure pulled it off!
  4. You will still be in season! Fashion moves in cycles, and each year there is an expansion of a similar idea (i.e. first came Cargo pants, now Cargo skinnies). Wear the clothes you love to wear because chances are you will still mesh in the overall theme, but with your own twist!

No outfit suggestions today! I dare you all to delve into your own closets to find something FAB to stand out in. I know I did:

OOTD: H&M Floppy Hat, BB Dakota Fur Vest, Wilsons Leather Blazer , Vintage Pearls

Inspired by The Nanny!

Media Credit: Google Images, YouTube,,

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Shopaholic Not So Anonymous

Hello to my Treasured Readers!!

I know it has been quite a while since I've had a blog post, but I can assure you it is for good reason. Like I said in my last post, I have a few things in the pipeline and among them are some of my personal projects. I adore fashion and as a constant consumer and student of the craft, I decided to dive in myself!
It's Me!
More on that in a later post and be on the lookout for my dear friend, ChiStyleMaven to post about some of my work!

On the point of this post!

I can't stop shopping. Ever. It is an outstanding habit that has unfortunately overflowed my closet space (both of them). I especially can't stop around this time of year because it's what I like to call "Peek & Steal" time. That time between each season where you get a peek at all the new season items, colors, and trends to come, and all the last season items are at a steal of almost 80% off! I have fallen prey and I wanted to show you all why:

Steal #1 
Hooded Tinsel Dress
This was one of my first steals. Akira had an amazing sale this past weekend with 50% off of already reduced items. Never fear - the sale items have been further marked down including some fab Jefferey Campbell, For Love & Lemons, and LAMB gear. I love this dress because of the drama. While it is a bit mini, the hood gives it a different effect. You're immediately drawn to the top of your body with a silhouette that's rarely seen, and it sparkles! What more could you want? :)
Style Inspiration - Lindsay Lohan & Kim Kardashian in Brian Lichtenberg

*note the link takes you to a similar style dress.

Steal #2
BB Dakota The Garrett Vest in Chalk White
This was another item I got in a blowout sale from Karmaloop. Not only do I love the brand, but this versatile vest is currently under $20. I know Fur or puffy vests usually add bulk or volume, but here I think it's a necessary evil. Even in the picture the model is wearing a fitted piece and the vest accentuates her body, especially where it hits her hips. You can wear this sleeveless in warm weather, or as outerwear in the Winter! The best part? The vest is under $20.
Style Inspiration: Jennifer Lopez, Amerie & Audrina Patridge in Fur
Peek #1 & #2
Since the boom of Collar Necklaces, I really liked the idea of jewelry having more of a presence VS an accent in your outfit. A lot of designers have expanded the size and idea of the necklaces, bracelets, and even Avant Garde earrings. One trend that I will be a front runner in making sure it stays is the Body (Arm) Chains:
Love them!
This trend is derived from Belly Dancers & Gypsies as an accent piece to show form and movement in the body. This could easily move into the realm of statement necklaces/body Jewels and can be dressed up with Gala attire, or give identity to a simple Tank or Tee. So far, one of my favorite sellers I have found is on eBay at a great price!
Style Inspiration: Evelyn Lozada from Basketball Wives
I could go on all day with my latest shopping trip, but I think these are the main ideas from both the items and how to approach this season and its clearance racks with strategy!

Until next time - Shop 'til You Drop!


Photo Credit: VH1, Google Images, eBay,,

Monday, April 2, 2012

I Didn't Forget You!

Hi All & Happy April!

I didn't forget about posting - just lots of exciting things going on including some design projects that hopefully some of you will love to own yourselves :)

Stay tuned! I'll be back this week!!