Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Making An Autumn Bucket List

Although it may not feel like Autumn to us Chicagoans (seriously with this 90 + degree weather), Fall is definitely upon us.

With all the Fashion Week buzz and prep for the school year, it seems that Fall is the start of anew. What better way to embrace the cold than with some things to look forward to on a bucket list!

Official notebook for my bucket list

Below are some goals that I think will make a transformative season for me, and hopefully you all can apply them to your season or put a spin on them! Here we go: 

Make At Least 5 Recipes From Cookbook

The New Abs Diet Cookbook: Hundreds of Delicious Meals That Automatically Strip Away Belly Fat!,9781605293141 
I bought this amazing cookbook as a suggestion from a friend and have tagged basically every page. They have everything from 'Grown Up Grilled Cheese' to 'Bomb Breakfast Wraps'. The best part? They're ALL good for you! I just have to actually make these dishes instead of stopping at the Dollar Menu...


Seems kind of redundant, but making real goals for yourself at work takes away from the cycle of getting up, going to sit at a desk, going home to sleep and repeat. It makes work exciting and you get to push yourself to achieve extraordinary goals. The bonus? You might actually get a bonus (or a raise) at the gig.

Make At Least 4 Fall Staple Fashions

I keep putting off sewing because of all the things I can buy from a store that rhymes with 'smorever funny one' on my way home. Lazy, right? My goal is to make what I see in the window everyday and put a spin on it! Also, sewing 101 isn't as hard as it looks! I've learned a lot of cool tips on YouTube. 

Keep Trying New Forms Of Exercise
I'm in a Bar Method mood as of late, but I've tried running, Bikram Yoga, NTC classes, sculpt and toning at Core Power and more. It's all about finding something to keep your attention and getting you excited to move.

I'm sure my list will get longer as the season passes, but what are some of yours? Share with me in the comments and remember to make attainable goals for yourselves. Once you get in the habit of crossing items off your list, I'm sure you'll feel unstoppable and want to conquer more. ;)

Until next time!


Friday, August 23, 2013

I'm Going To Blog About Random, Good Sh*t

This post is a love note from me, to you.

I have started almost every post this year with, "so I haven't blogged in a while...". It's not because I've run out of ideas, or because I don't find a passion in writing for my fellow Curvy women. I still do! I've just found like most things, I've evolved a bit, and the scope of this blog is not just the spot for all things #Curvy (although we will still be celebrating that here).

I've also found that the reason I started this blog, to celebrate our Curves that make us feels good, is not the only thing that makes me feel good. I want to blog about those other things, too!

Some content will still be fashion related (hello, I have 2 closets; full of clothes and full of shoes) but some will be thoughts still relevant, and hopefully helpful, too!

Thank you for being patient and I hope you stick with me through this new transition. You will not be sorry ;)

Arianna at The Last Word 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Happy Anniversary, SATC! 5 Things To Remember In Real Life

I have been toying with the idea of writing a blog post for a while that separates the ideals of TV from real life. As a TV junkie myself I was sorely disappointed that a multitude of Alanis Morissette songs didn’t score the most important parts of my life, or the fact that my High School did not have cheerleaders! (No really, I’m quite coordinated. I would have been an awesome Cheerleader…5,6,7,8!) But as we celebrate one of the most influential female empowerment movements of the millennium in Sex And The City, I thought I would take this opportunity to capitalize on how we as women can take things away from the show, but still be sure to live in our own reality.

 1.       Do Not Wait For 'Big’

We don’t need a Cosmo quiz to tell us that we all have an inner Carrie.  We do! We’re all lovers and nurturers, and all want the fairy tale ending. We deserve it, right? What we don’t deserve the is the unwillingness of a guy to choose you and love you the way that you should be loved. Also, Carrie was 'the other woman'. We don’t deserve to hurt or be hurt by fellow women. SMH, Carrie!

2.       Do Not Go Broke For Shoes

Ever. This one is self explanatory. She had impeccable taste and I’m still in love with that Newsprint dress. But your friends aren’t going to wait for you if you can’t afford to go out or take shots with them. Fantasize about the shoes, heck take a picture and frame the shoes! But don’t sob over a cup of Ramen while wearing those shoes, because you can’t afford to do much else.

3.       Always Be There For The Friends That Deserve It

Thought Catalog is one of my favorite introspective websites and they always have articles about how being in your 20’s and 30’s what kind of friends you have and how you should deal with them if/when you grow apart. The truth is, friendships aren’t any harder at 25 than they are at 5. If your friend shares her Juice Box and Fruit Snacks with you, share yours. If not, still smile and be polite and keep those tasty treats for yourself. Be loyal and honest with the friend that shares, and keep that going for as long as it’s good to you! (Note: Juice Box and Fruit Snacks turn into Wine and Pizza when you’re older and start to deal with life, so save accordingly).

4.       Always Choose Yourself Over Smith Jared

So, Smith Jared was hot and his body looked like Adonis! And he stayed with Samantha through Cancer. Awww! And then he moved to California with Samantha she “said his name more times in a day” than her own. That was a beautiful love story! But eventually Samantha was losing herself and became unhappy. Don’t be with anyone or do anything that makes you unhappy. You’re much better than that.

5.  Silly: Always Pay The Rent And Don’t Abandon That Closet

This was the most frustrating part of that whole movie. Big built you that closet, proposed to you in that closet and you still couldn’t close and get the house in time?! Ugh. In real life: your house is your fortress and nothing is worth not keeping it up and not paying on time. For things of value, pay any and everything on time! And don’t walk away from apartment sized closets…..

In short, for SATC and all the amazing shows that portray the better & bitter parts of life, take what you can and live your own way!

Until next time,

Media Credit: AnyClip.com, YouTube.com, MovieSpoiler.com, GiseleInTheCity.Blogspot.com, AmBetterToday.Blogspot.Com

Editor's Note: Thank you to my lovely friend Maggie Oldmixon for the blog makeover! She writes, too, and you can read her drool-worthy posts here. :)

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mini Haul: Beyoncé as Mrs. Carter in H+M

So, I know..it's another Beyoncé post. But I can't help it! Beyoncé is a machine: 

Now, onto the goods. Mrs. Carter recently became the poster child for the new H&M Summer Collection. I was a little skeptical at first, I must admit. We now live in a fashion world where true Couture is lost in the midst of Celebrity endorsement, but I have to give it to H&M on this one!

It's a perfect summer set for us Curvy Girls. Not only are the pieces modestly priced, the silhouettes are very generous when it comes to the sizing. In plain text, there's enough room for boobs and some junk in the trunk in this assortment! I even got a size SMALL in my purchase from today!

The collection is filled with much more than we see Beyoncé in, standing under the sun (see what I did there?).  From a color palette of Neutrals to Prints, and Staples from Shorts to Rompers and Dresses, there is such a stand out variety. 

My only advice for this: choose your accessories wisely. Mrs. Carter is everywhere these days and everyone will no doubt be adding these pieces to their closet. Think of how you can add your own personal spunk, and add some color. It is summer after all!

Below are some of  pics of her collection and possibly a piece I've added to mine. Happy Shopping!

BONUS: Bey is even on the Shopping Bags

Until next time, 


Photo Credit: H & M Online

Monday, February 18, 2013

So You're Going To See Beyoncé...Now What?

Editor's Note: Parts of this post were written prior to the debut of Mrs. Knowles-Carter's fantabulous documentary, which I am sure has upped the ante for you music lovers.

Now that tickets have gone on sale to the general public and you've asked your cousin, best friend, girl you know from college for the hook up bought them through Live Nation or Ticketmaster, I'm sure you are all doing the 'Single Ladies' wave in prep for The Mrs. Carter Show!

Short story: I don't think Beyonce's website was prepared for the amount of traffic/people who wanted tickets a few weeks ago. Her site was shut down for 40 minutes and at 10:05, the tickets were sold OUT. I looked like this at my desk: 

BUT THEN  after watching the 'sold out' sign hovering next to the Chicago show, I refreshed the page (x100) and magically 4 tickets became on sale in one of the best sections.... and I got them!! I was all:

And of course my next question was..what am I going to wear?! This isn't just a concert. By the title of this concert tour, her show stopping promotion of a woman we all wish was our BFF in "Life Is But A Dream", you can tell Beyoncé did not come to play so neither should you. Below are my top suggestions for you to show up and show out at the Mrs. Carter Show:

Lamé is a knit fabric that usually is produced in gold and silver metallic tones. It's stiffer and outlines your shape, attracting light in flattering places. In "Lamé -ns" terms, it's shiny and makes you look more sophisticated than the average twentysomething-clubgoer. Sequins are out, Lamé is where it's at.
Anthony Vaccarello Gold Tone Pants, Egypt Leggings, Lame Silk Striped Blouse, Witchery Lame Tee, Vionnet Wrap Top 

I know; going to a concert means you'll be standing most of the time, but this is unfortunately a burden we carry as women. Heels are a must. No Flip Flops, no Flats, no cute Gladiator Sandals. NO! Come as the best version of yourself to this affair, and if you need tips on how to make your shoes comfy before wear, click here.
Miss Maze Peep Toe, Ellie Lace Up Stiletto, Iron Fist lip and Hear Boots , TopShop Lace Wing Boots,  Jeffery Campbell Mapmaking Boots, River Island Cage Bootie

Try a style you've never tried before. The pros: it's a dark concert and the only photo's you'll have are the ones you take before you go. The rest will be of 'Crazy In Love' or your favorite Bey performance.

Stand out-- it's a concert after all, and regardless of when this tour hits your city, be a walking Pop Of Color!

I hope to see all my fellow Chicagoans at the July 17th show! You can look for the girl wearing all of the above, and working it out in the United Center seats:

Happy Monday!


Photo Credit: BellaSugar, Gorgeous Hair, Fashion Bomb Daily, African American Wedding Hair ,Princess Hairstyles, A Cup of Chic