Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mini Haul: Beyoncé as Mrs. Carter in H+M

So, I's another Beyoncé post. But I can't help it! Beyoncé is a machine: 

Now, onto the goods. Mrs. Carter recently became the poster child for the new H&M Summer Collection. I was a little skeptical at first, I must admit. We now live in a fashion world where true Couture is lost in the midst of Celebrity endorsement, but I have to give it to H&M on this one!

It's a perfect summer set for us Curvy Girls. Not only are the pieces modestly priced, the silhouettes are very generous when it comes to the sizing. In plain text, there's enough room for boobs and some junk in the trunk in this assortment! I even got a size SMALL in my purchase from today!

The collection is filled with much more than we see Beyoncé in, standing under the sun (see what I did there?).  From a color palette of Neutrals to Prints, and Staples from Shorts to Rompers and Dresses, there is such a stand out variety. 

My only advice for this: choose your accessories wisely. Mrs. Carter is everywhere these days and everyone will no doubt be adding these pieces to their closet. Think of how you can add your own personal spunk, and add some color. It is summer after all!

Below are some of  pics of her collection and possibly a piece I've added to mine. Happy Shopping!

BONUS: Bey is even on the Shopping Bags

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Photo Credit: H & M Online