Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cerulean, Cobalt & Indigo..Oh My!

Happy Leap Day!! It seems strange doesn't it that we have this extra day of the year, and for those of you in Chicagoland, this 60 degree day? In any case, it's a day to celebrate and what better way than to spoil yourselves and your closets with a new Spring trend.

Does anyone remember this show-stopping explanation?

Fabulous Meryl; I hope to be a Silver Coiffed Fox in my late Fashionista days, too. Nevertheless this video is the essence of Spring. Bright may be in, but Blue is definitely back.

Billy Reid NYFW 2012

Photo Source: The Ultra

Here's the good bad news about Blues & Brights: there is no way to be subtle. Color is going to make you stand out and your figure will look much fuller with a block of color. That's just the principal of not wearing black. It brings attention to the peaks and valleys of your curves and I need you ladies to be OK with that! Because guess what? All this doesn't mean you can't wear it ;) Embrace it! Color is in, and who are you to not to put your own sassy spin on this solstice?

Time for some Blue Clues:
  •  First and foremost, this is your new Spring/Summer Bestie:
This color wheel shows you exactly which colors compliment your hues. That's not to say you cannot pair Blue with any other color, but it does show you the best fit and helps avoid looking like Crayola. (Google Images)
  •  Cuts, cuts, and more cuts! The color is one statement - the cut of the garment is entirely another. Like you may have read in other posts on The Last Word it's all about how you style yourself. With Blue's I would stick with something simple and structure. Remember, the garment is to for your body to fill out, not overpower your beauty!
  • For accessories - stick to metals! For special occasions of course have a ball, but for every day wear I would stick to Silver or Gold. All eyes on Blue!

So Cool: See It Through Shirt

Ellison: Tiered Shirt Dress

Lush: No Going Back Hi-Low Dress
Dolce Vita: Daisy Belted Wrap Silk Romper

Cameo: Box Sleeve Dress

Flying Tomato: Lace Tank Dress

ASOS: Blue Denim Ski Pant Jeggings
Another Blue Fact: New Arrivals from featured in this blogpost are 30% off today only! How cool is that?!

So take a Leap this day and score some Blue!


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Slick Splits

No clever introductions today, Girls. Just a blog post sure to entice your Spring/Summer wardrobes! Let's get started :)

I am sure you have all seen this trend trickling down from NYFW:

Jason Wu Fall 2012

Naeem Khan Fall 2012

Prabal Gurung Fall 2012

Rachel Zoe Fall 2012

Rodarte Fall 2012

 Photo Credit: NBC - Thread NY

The Vintage lover in me adores this trend and it is indeed from the olden days. Originally, Split Skirts were created in the Victorian Era for Women to be remain feminine whilst taking more active roles in society. From bike/horseback riding, to gardening, the Split Skirt was the way for Women to still act like a Lady doing everyday things. (Read: What Are Culottes?) But that's just my problem - how am I supposed to wear this every day?

I was annoyed with this trend in the beginning because Split Skirts seemed like everything I wanted, but nothing I could have. I thought there is no way I could wear them unless I turned every day into a Gala (which I am not against). Until I realized that the Split Skirt is the new summer MAXI:

Cheap Monday Maxi Skirt With Front Split

An evolution of one of Summer's hottest and staple trends! Pretty cool, huh? Here's some tips to avoid looking like you're going to the Queens Ball in Split Maxi's:

  • For the office or corporate affairs, stick to Neutral & Dark tones. I know you want the world to see that split, but you are showing off enough leg that the lack of bright color won't matter. Stay demure and play up a fun blouse or bright statement jewelry.
  • For that EXTRA Vintage touch: belt it at the waist! (Remember The Natural Waist ?) It will make your legs look longer and depending on your belt style, it can give your outfit that extra causal flair.  
  • Your skirt is long so your shirt doesn't have to be. I know this is pretty typical advice for Maxi's, but think about this: There is a lot of extra fabric in this version of the Maxi to give you the flow as you walk, and the peek-a-boo for your legs. Wearing a long top, especially here, will make you look like your clothes are dragging. Try fitted or printed tops for balance.
  • Lastly if you WANT to dress up - DO IT! There isn't a soul stopping you, and you have your own personal endorser. ME! If I were to wear this on a night out, I would do a low cut top, sparkle accessories, and a bright lip. It's summer anyway ;)

"9am - 5pm" Skirts: 

Free People The Waist Sculptor Maxi Skirt in Sunkist Black Combo

Patterson J. Kincaid Skirt - Burnout Nixie Maxi

BB Dakota Sophie Long Skirt with Slit

Top Shop Front Split Maxi Skirt

"Gala" Skirts!: 

Sauce The Cosmic Zipper Maxi Skirt

Style Stalker The Minted Maxi Skirt in Mallard

Mink Pink The Man Vs. Wild Maxi Skirt

ASOS Sequin Side Split Maxi Dress

So what do you think? I love these skirts mostly because they don't limit anyone regardless of their shape and size - that's the kind of style this blog is for! Show off those Gams this summer!


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Jeans For My Big Ol' Butt

I, like every woman in America with a pair of eyes, love to SHOP! I can't get enough! When I arrive at a mall, with blood roaring through my veins, I am ready to go like it's Mission Impossible. Then when I see a colorful window display with the clothes screaming "I can fill the void in your closet" I am sold. I walk in and I pick up any and every article of clothing I love because I know this piece, is the one I've been waiting for. Then I finally make my way to the dressing room and after 3 trips in and out - nothing fits. Ever had that happen? It's not fun is it? Especially 'round your rump (pun definitely intended).

Growing up I always had to have my pants tailored, and even then they weren't the "All American Jeans" look I was going for. My waist, thighs, and butt are all a different size so it was almost torture when I outgrew pants. Until about a year ago I couldn't find anything that fits, but now, if I want jeans I exclusively shop at: The Gap. The reinvention of their Denim line is like a Godsend (read:The Verdict | Gap’s 1969 Premium Jeans) and while I don't officially endorse The Gap, I can definitely tell you what works. The jeans are slimming through the hips, thighs, and waist, have great lengths to show off your legs, and I never have to wear a belt with these jeans! Never. 

Fall back into The Gap

 I do shop at other places (Express and CITIZENS of HUMANITY have great styles to offer as well) but below are my tips for Jeans in general, and favorite styles of jeans:

  • Denim will always, always have stretch. Most jeans are made with Lycra or Spandex, so if they fit in the dressing room chances are they will stretch out in the long run. Buy a size down from your normal size and wear them around to create the perfect jean mold. 
  • Dye is great. Dark, Denim, Dirty, Sandblasted - we've seen all the staining and I am sure there is more to come. However, if that denim rubs off on your hands or undergarments pretty easily, chances are they won't be that color after a few washes. Higher end jeans use a color seal so your jeans can remain the same; which also brings me to..
  • QUALITY! Of course there are those instances where you want this one outfit for a specific occasion. We've all been there. The $10 Jeans sale though, is one to run away from. Those jeans are usually made with lower quality denim and will not last you very long, and stretch out in the worst places. Like everything else in life, with Jeans go big or go home.
GAP 1969 mid-weight always skinny flood jeans

GAP 1969 mid-weight real straight jeans

GAP 1969 mid-weight stiletto jeans

GAP 1969 mid-weight high-rise trouser jeans

GAP 1969 mid-weight legging jeans

There are other brands that I am sure work great, but the Jeans I've posted are like Vanilla Ice Cream. You just can't go wrong!

Dominate some Denim Ladies ;)


Monday, February 6, 2012

Trendy Tops? How Rude!

It's just another Manic Monday over here at The Last Word, and while it is almost over I thought I would bring something to your attention.

I am sure you all have seen this commercial for Trendy Top:

There are many things wrong in this commercial, especially from a Marketing perspective (i.e. The purpose of this product is null when you can still see the top of the jeans on a model wearing Trendy Top), but my biggest problem is that this commercial is offensive! "So that belly isn't sticking out all around?" and "Put a stop to that muffin top?" Trendy Top, if I even thought I needed your product you have just called me FAT in so many ways! On top of that, you claim to be "hip", but you clearly don't know how to navigate your way around the construction of a garment. Our midsections show when a top is cut too short, and there is always a bulge around jeans that are made too tight at the waistline. You are not solving these "problems" created by our shapes!

While my rant is officially over (for now), I for one could not be more over Fatty Trendy Top and their lackluster colors. Seriously, if you are offering this to women why does it only come in four colors? We are versatile creatures. However, that doesn't mean that their idea is completely insane. Layering is key and the utility of this garment is used is actually not a bad thought. So what is a Fashion Girl to do? She is to do it herself :)

This project isn't hard at all. All you'll need is scissors, and for your advanced folks, maybe some sewing tape.

1. Buy a close fitting tank made of Spandex, Jersey, or Stretch Knit.
2. Cut it in half.

You're done! *If you want to make your edges finished you can buy Sewing Tape and use the instructions from the video below, or you can let them fray for an Edgy look to your new accessory. 

And have some fun with these tops:
ASOS Tank Top With Floral Pleated Corset Insert

Hard Tail 'Asana' Racerback Tank

Hard Tail Long Tank

Crystal Knit Tank

FREECITY Life Nature Love Water Tank

Like I said in my first post, this is going to be a hub to celebrate the beautiful shapes and sizes of ALL Women. Trendy Top and products like it, are banking off of insecurities or planting seeds for them, and use words to insinuate negative ideas while trying to sell a product. Have some fun with these printed tops and and love every single part of your body.


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

V-Day: Let's Do It For The Girls!

Hello my Sweets, and Happy February! It is officially the second month of 2012 and also the month of LOVE. For those of you who celebrate, it is also the kick off of Black History Month and I know I will be paying homage to my Icons, including Ms. Sarah Breedlove. Look her up ;)

As you all know I am all about Women/Self Empowerment on this blog, and when it comes to celebrating Valentine's Day, I am no different. A tradition I have started with my girlfriends is to go out for Valentine's Day Dinner. Whether you have a special someone in your life or not, I think it's important to celebrate all the Love in your heart.

See what I mean?

With that being said- this post is dedicated for a night out with the girls! A time to be sexy, flirty, and fun. I put together 4 themed outfits below that would be a V-Day treat:

Outfit #1: Rock It Out (Click on photo to enlarge)
With this 'fit, I had the edgy girl in mind. Someone who will play up the theme, but add a twist. You can't go wrong with classic colors in the pants, the spiked shoes will put you in a category of your own, and the Hi-Lo top goes perfect with the V-Day celebrations. Hi-Low tops show off your front and cover your back. It's flattering and most importantly draws more attention to them hemline, than the hip line.

Shoes: Sole Boutique - The Cenobite Shoe in Black

Outfit#2: The Sweetheart (click on photo to enlarge)
For the more demure celebrator, I thought this dress would be a funky update to the LBD. It has a natural waist and hints of sexy with the Mesh, and it also gives the illusion of a Mini. The Peep Toe Pump add a POC (pop of color) and - it's colorblocked!

Dress: Final Stretch Navy Blue Dress
Shoes: My Delicious Rainer Coral Multi Color Block Platform Heels

Outfit #3: Pink Me (click on photo to enlarge)
 Platforms are one of the best things to come back from those Disco Days. They make you look taller, and your legs look longer, so for this outfit I started with the shoes. I love the color and they are suede sandals a.k.a year round shoes! The mini is Denim and the chiffon top takes it to the perfect level of dressy for a night out.

Top: Lace Pocket Blouse - Berry
Skirt: Chipper Zipper Denim Skirt
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Dressen Purple Fuchsia & Red Suede Sandals

Outfit #4: Candy Stripe (click on photo to enlarge)
With this outfit, I wanted to do something very traditional to Valentine's Day. Not only is Red the hot color of the season, high waisted shorts are also here to stay. PS- High Waisted anything is great! It's the same idea from the Natural Waist and give you that sexy hourglass shape. Couple them with the ankle strap platforms, and sheer striped shirt, you can easily turn this into a 'Pin Up' girl glamfest.

Top: Malt Shop Memories Striped Pink Top
Shorts: Button Up Tap Shorts
Shoes: Sole Boutique The Eye Doll Shoe in Red

For accessories, I am a firm believer in Bling. Anything that sparkles will perfect these frocks. 

So start shopping! V-Day, or D-Day is next weekend, Ladies. Dress up in Love ;)


"Beautiful Super Size Voluptuousness"

One of my good friends and faithful readers, @ChiStyleMaven, pointed me in the direction of an article I had to post. Melissa McCarthy, scene stealer of the hit movie 'Bridesmaids' and star of 'Mike and Molly' on CBS, was interviewed by none other, than legendary André Leon Talley at the 2012 SAG Awards.

Melissa McCarthy in Badgley Mischka
My favorite part about this interview, other than her comedic forte, are the praises of her beauty. Ms. McCarthy has always dressed in a way that beams "Cinderella at the ball" and we should all adapt her sense of self worth, and confidence. Read below:

ALT: What makes a curvaceous lady like you decide to wear navy blue from Badgley Mischka?
MM: I've been wanting to wear like, a dark blue, and something a little drapier, and I said 'What about a little bit of a cowl neck?' And they said, 'Why not?'
ALT:  You know what's great about you is because of your beautiful super-size and voluptuousness, you cover it up and yet you expose a beautiful inner self-esteem, and I love that.
MM: Well, thanks! I love fashion, so it doesn't stop at ten.
ALT: It doesn't stop! It doesn't stop at ten! I'm not exactly a two myself, so it doesn't stop with us, because we love to eat! Right?
MM: Takin' a turn somewhere!
ALT: No, I don't want to take a turn. I really admire you.

Photo & Interview Credit:,

Fashion never stops - be who you are. Love it and show it off!