Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Glitter Is A Girl's BFF

A Happy Holidays to you lovely Ladies! Hopefully thanksgiving was all that you’ve hoped for :)

December is quickly approaching and we all know what that means: Holiday Parties! One of my favorite accessories that is both work and socially appropriate for this time of year are: tights. Patterned tights have been around for some time, but my favorite new twist is Glitter Tights:

 Now remember, since the bottom half of your body speaks so much for itself in these sparkly sensations, try to be demure at the top. Use these tips:
  • Use the main color of the tights to be the guide for your outfit’s color scheme.
  • The attention will go straight to the sparkle -balance your outfit with form fitting pieces so you don’t look bottom heavy.
  • Glitter is enough – stay away from frills and lace. The point is to have the tights pop, not be an addition to a crazy circus outfit!
  • With accessories follow the tights: if the glitter is Silver then pair it with like jewelry and vice versa for Gold.
  • For Shoes, try to be simple with a Pump or T- Strap – never a Boot (Booties are okay). Don’t cover up your shine, illuminate it and accessorize right!

Here are a few of my favorite pairs:

Hue Glitter Lines Tights

Hue Glitter Motif Tights

Leg Avenue Glitter Lurex Tights

Nordstrom Glitter Tights

Have The Last Word this season Girls, and outshine the Christmas Tree ;)

Until next time!


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Let's Revisit This

I just want to reiterate something as I find my voice with this blog and you guys as my readers. I am ALL about appreciating your size. I think being voluptuous is sexy and we make magic when we add volume and shape to any dress, top, pant, or jacket.
The post I wrote yesterday celebrated that, but also put the spotlight on a recently curvy Christina Aguilera. While she has been battling weight problems through a portion of her career and most recently an ongoing battle with foe Kelly Osbourne (Kelly Osbourne calls Christina Aguilera Fat) I do not think she’s unattractive. In fact I think as Christina Aguilera belted in her 2002 hit , she is “Beautiful”, and will probably be mentioned at some point on this blog. HOWEVER, I did want to use this time to point out that this particular image of the Latina singer is what I want all Curvy women to stay away from.

I think beauty is overshadowed when women try so hard to flatter themselves in the clothes that are trendy just because everyone else wears them. That is so boring! Standing out is what makes fashion, Fashion. I think the beauty of being Curvy is embracing it and having fun with all types of print, fabrics, shapes, and sizes. Pouring yourself into something like this is less flattering to you, and an injustice to yourself.
I’m not going to further analyze what’s wrong in the 2011 AMA pics of Xtina, I think we all have formed some opinion of them anyway.  The bottom line again is this: you are doing a disservice to yourself and your body, when you hide the real beauty inside an ill fitted piece of clothing. Be proud of, and show off tastefully everything that you are working with. I sure am.

In the immortal words of Grammy Winner Christina Aguilera:

Ciao Bella.


Monday, November 21, 2011

American Music Awards 2011: Hottie Highlights

This post will be straight to the point - unlike the snoozefest that was last nights awards show. To be honest, I didn't know a good chunk of the songs performed - but at least there was more music than any production from MTV these days. I digress.

Of the red carpet there were 5 looks I adored (winner Jennifer Lopez scored 2) and here is why:

Photo Credit: Tom & Lorenzo & US Weekly

Queen Latifah in Georges Chakra

I love anything asymmetrical. I think what Queen did here is perfect. The colors are classic and appropriate for a formal occasion, and black is the dominant color which we all know is slimming. I am also a fan of the stripe. Horizontal shapes are hard to pull off - they lead the eye to look across the frame which in most cases, can make you look wider. The stripe here creates a much better emphasis at the top of her body.

Jennifer Lopez in Zuhair Murad

Ms. Lopez was blowin' up all over the block last night, but my favorites are the two looks in this post. While I'm not a fan of the particular hue of nude (I'm more aware that there is knitted nude covering her body, rather than the illusion of her bare skin), I am a fan of the dress overall. Again, there is asymmetry here with he hem line, but also as a lover of print I am definitely an advocate how the print is used here; it becomes closer together as you travel vertically down the dress illuminating more of her bodaciousness vs "skin". The train is also amaze.

Jennifer Hudson in Jenny Packham

These days Jennifer can wear whatever she wants, but I am glad she chose this Metallic Mini. I think the color brings out the natural light of her complexion, and she is not overstyled with makeup or jewelry. The draping is outstanding - this technique of sinching fabric causes a lot of volume in a garment, but I think it minimizes her body since the draping is done around her cleavage. There is some draping at the bottom but again, it's vertical not horizontal, which makes her look leaner in this shiny number.

Jenny McCarthy in Victoia Beckham

I told you I love vintage :) This is perhaps my favorite look . I think Jenny stands out more than the other attendees because her dress is unexpected. The purple is bright and very on trend for Fall/Winter '11 & '12 and the cut is very Vintage inspired. It's form fitted at the top with a distinguished neckline, and full circle skirt with a short hemline. Her Vintage hairstyle also tops off her look for me :)

Jennifer Lopez in Emilio Pucci

I am pretty much a fan of anything Pucci makes, and would argue that this is Vintage inspired here with the fringe. But I think my favorite aspect of this dress is that it's a Mini done right. First, there is so much going on at the top with the Fringe, Metallics and Print, that the length is slightly ignored, and those 3 aspects are all used equally among the garment. The boatneck neckline also takes away from the hemline and honestly, I think this is the sexiest way you can show off your body, without looking like this.......

Christina Aguilera in Herve Leger

Sorry Xtina :(

You can see the full list of Red Carpet's at both Tom & Lorenzo and Us Weekly.
Let me know what you guys think!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Size, Barbie?

At Marquette University, the Women's Center brought Barbie's proportions to life. If she were a real woman, Barbie would stand 5'9" at 110lbs, with 39" bust, 18" waist, 33"hips.

'Nuff said.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Vintage Isn't Old

I have a THING for Vintage. I experiment with high hem lines and cleavage baring frocks, but somehow my heart always leads me back to the exquisite silhouettes of the past century. Today I purchased this dress from ASOS:
ASOS Body-Conscious Dress With Brushstroke Print
I love this dress for so many reasons! First, the print is so busy and because it is a contrast on both ends of the color spectrum, it will be sliming. Second, bright is in for Fall/Winter 2011 and the way it’s styled online with the booties would be perfect for a night out in any season. I mostly love this dress because of it’s Vintage-esque silhouette. The structure, like most Vintage pieces, is modest – your natural curves will give it life and body. The shoulders and collar are fairly broad which shows off the definition of arms and your waist line, and lastly the length is to die. It finishes off your lines and to me, the length makes this dress dramatic.

All in all Vintage, although more modest than the Body-Con and Rayon/Spandex dresses on trend now, are more flattering and contemporary in their own right. Don’t believe me? Check out these Vintage inspired dresses available in stores now: 





That's all folks!