Friday, March 9, 2012

Beauty Spotlight: Kaela Humphries

Happy Weekend!! As we are all winding down our Fridays I thought it would be cool to share this tidbit of news. Recently, the gorgeous Kaela Humphries announced she would be the newest addition to Ford Models, Ford + Division.

Isn't she lovely?
I know most of you probably know Kaela for being related to ex-Mr. Kardashian, but what I really wanted to convey to my readers are the divine words the media has used to describe Kaela.
People Magazine reports:
"'[Ford is] excited at the prospect of bringing this beautiful, engaging young woman to markets worldwide,' the agency said in a release. “A true size 16-18, Kaela will be in a league of her own." - People: Kaela Humphries Signs To Ford
Wow! Aside from the accolades, to some fashion girls, Kaela has already made her mark walking during New York Fashion Week in the Richie Rich Show. Kaela was also a former Wilhelmina model, and appeared in the CW Show "Remodeled".
I say all this to remind you all that beauty knows no shape or size! While in the press it does identify that Kaela is a Plus Size Model, the emphasis is on her stunning beauty and  glamourizing talent. In fact one of her former colleagues had this to say:
"'Remodeled's Paul Fisher in said January, 'Kaela, they call her a plus-size model. I don't even know what this word plus means. She's normal. She's perfect. She's beautiful. They should call our models skinny people. The whole thing is wrong. It's backwards. It doesn't matter if she weighs 160, 180 -- it's completely irrelevant.'"
Preach! Industry standards: eat your heart out.

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