Friday, August 23, 2013

I'm Going To Blog About Random, Good Sh*t

This post is a love note from me, to you.

I have started almost every post this year with, "so I haven't blogged in a while...". It's not because I've run out of ideas, or because I don't find a passion in writing for my fellow Curvy women. I still do! I've just found like most things, I've evolved a bit, and the scope of this blog is not just the spot for all things #Curvy (although we will still be celebrating that here).

I've also found that the reason I started this blog, to celebrate our Curves that make us feels good, is not the only thing that makes me feel good. I want to blog about those other things, too!

Some content will still be fashion related (hello, I have 2 closets; full of clothes and full of shoes) but some will be thoughts still relevant, and hopefully helpful, too!

Thank you for being patient and I hope you stick with me through this new transition. You will not be sorry ;)

Arianna at The Last Word 


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