Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Do you know Tracy Clifford?

I'm back! I have missed all of you in stylish blogosphere, but let me tell you that Puerto Vallarta sun is a paradise not to be missed!

See what I'm sayin?!

But now that I am back it is my pleasure to share with you, a chance meeting with famed Chicago Stylist, Tracy Clifford.

In Ms. Clifford's career, she has assisted Oscar De La Renta with the assistance of her strong background in retail buying. She is fluent in the prose of textiles, learning fabrics and best fit from interacting with influential designers world wide. Her niche is fashion shows in Milan, Paris and New York, and aside from these accomplishments, most importantly "[Tracy] is attuned to the way fabric and cut can complement the body by accentuating each woman's natural beauty." - Tracy Clifford (Shout out to us Curvy girls!) See in Part 1 of my interview her take and inside scoop on styling, Chicago Fashion, Spring/Summer Trends, and how to be your personal best with rehabbing your closet:

You are based here in the Windy City. Are there any style hardships you face not being located in fashion capitals?
TC: I believe that there are some incredibly dressed women in Chicago and that many of the boutiques/department stores offer a great selection of merchandise; fashion is not a part of every day life for many Chicagoans [which]  is not true of cities like New York with top showrooms, the garment district, along with some of the best retail spaces in the country, many of which are Flagship Stores.NYC encourages [flare] every time you walk down the street. LA is not far behind and is filled with celebrities who require full time stylists. Though not yet a fashion mecca in the way New York or LA is, I think Chicago has made great strides in the last few years and is catching up to the coasts.  

A lot of styling is glamorous on TV hob nobbing with Designers and showrooms. What are the parts of styling that you wish were projected more in the fashion world?
TC: I think the audience needs to recognize that what they are watching and seeing on television is not reality. Most women do not look like TV stars and cannot afford the high end designer clothing being used in shows like Gossip Girl. However, I think a good portion of the styling done for television is amazing and should be used for women of all ages to get ideas on certain styles, trends and how to put them together. 

Celebrity Stylist Rachel Zoe

When you begin styling or organizing what is more important to you: making the trends fit the body type or starting at the body type and incorporating trends?
TC: My client, and their personality, style and body, are definitely the most important to me.  I pride myself on thinking about my client and figuring out the color and cut that makes them feel the most comfortable and beautiful. I make every client look modern, but trends are not particularly important to me. I believe some trends are great, some trends are cheesy, and no trend looks good on everyone.  I truly believe the best clothes are ageless and timeless.  

When rehabbing your closets what are key things on your agenda? 
TC: The first, and most important step, is to evaluate a client's closet and weed out all of the things that are completely out of style and dated. If any of these items can be salvaged by a tailor that option is discussed. Next, I put together looks and help the client learn to manipulate their current clothing. Finally, I make suggestions of what needs to be added to the wardrobe to update or complete the wardrobe.  You would be surprised by the gems I find in the back of my client's closet!

Are there certain body types that you wish were more present in the fashion world? (My favorite question!)
TC: Fashion is a means to make people - all people - feel and look beautiful.  I wish that the fashion world would pay more attention to all of its customers - not just the prototypical "model body."  Plus, I think the coolest thing about fashion is to be unique and express yourself through the clothing. I have no desire to look like a pack of waifs! 

Well said! Check back for part 2 of my interview with Tracy Clifford, and use this hump day to reorganize your personal style, because the warm weather is here to stay. You heard Tracy Clifford- Express Yourself!:


Photo Credit: The Edgy Times, Tracy Clifford,Apartment TherapyGeek In The Pink


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