Monday, June 4, 2012

Tracy Clifford Addresses Us Curvy Girls

Greetings to all of my Curvy women!

Remember this interview I had with Tracy Clifford?:

Well as promised, and a much needed Monday treat, I present to you Part 2 with Ms. Clifford. Here, you'll see how us Curvy Girls fit into the Styling universe and the best practices in organizing our wardrobes/accessory approaches, and the highlights of one exquisite career in Fashion.

Do you feel certain body types are easier to dress or do you look for designs based on clientele needs?
TC: I definitely base my clothing selection and styling on the individual client and their needs. That is the only way to do it! Your client has to feel confident and comfortable. I would be lying if I did not admit that certain body types are easier to dress than others. When I have to get things made and bring tailors in, the process definitely becomes more complicated and expensive. However, I find dressing a more challenging figure to be the most rewarding. When I make people look and feel great there is nothing more satisfying.

Everyone has their closet staples. What are yours?
TC: My #1 closet staple is definitely a cardigan. They provide warmth, arm coverage and most importantly allow me to wear s/l dresses and tops year round. I am also a boot girl. I love to pair boots with my dresses, skinny jeans and leggings.

Where do you begin styling? Do you start with accessories or wardrobe?
TC: There is nothing worse than having different parts of the outfit compete with each other [We agree!]. I always have my clients show me the most critical piece to their outfit and work around it. If that piece is a dress, I showcase the dress and accessorize accordingly. On the other hand, if it is an avant-garde shoe or bag we put together an outfit based around that piece. For instance, a printed or beaded dress needs a simple shoe and bag. A colorful bag or shoe needs to befriend simple clothing.

What is the most paramount moment of your styling career?
TC: There have been many amazing moments throughout my career. Probably the most important one came when I was the full time buyer for Marissa Collections. The store owner, who is to this day my mentor, allowed me to go to Paris by myself. This meant that I was completely responsible for the store and it's merchandise. When I realized my eye and talent had been fully recognized, I knew I was on my way. That experience is what has given me the drive and confidence to found Tracy Clifford Style.

How would you categorize yourself? (Curvy vs "not Curvy") - The best part of the interview!
TC: I would not categorize myself. I am unique and prefer to be that way. You will never see me modeling in a showroom or walking down a runway, but I accentuate my physical assets and express my personality through my love of fashion. I don't believe fashion is about waify models strutting down the runway. It is about passion, style an self expression.  

Do you see what I see? Self expression of individuality is beaming all throughout my interview with Tracy Clifford - as well it should! There aren't any guidelines in Fashion in how to make you feel like YOU. You have to know what works for yourself and an exercise that any way you can.

Ms. Clifford, it has been a pleasure to speak with you and get perspective on true style, from a hometown expert. For more about Tracy please visit her website (link above) and follow her on Twitter : @TCliffordStyle !


Photo Credit: Chictopia, Ebay Images,, Go Outfitters Blog


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