Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Curvy Girl Takeover: Wedding Season!

One of my readers (Brittany) came to me with a request I couldn't turn down. Like the title says it's Wedding season and whether you are a Bridesmaid or guest, you will need a formal frock to dress for the occasion. Brittany asked: 
I'm going to a wedding and I need your help finding a dress! I'm 5'10 and my measurements are 32-27-39, so I have to be cautious that I'm not showing too much skin. I'm not a fan of high necks because I'd like to look modest up top. Something flowy but fitted, in pinks, teals, yellows, and corals. Summer colors.
First of all Ms. Brittany: you go girl!  This isn't a problem, this curvature is a girls dream (as are all our Curves, but I digress)! You have come to the right place. Like most formal events, finding the perfect dress for any shape and size can be a time suck. You have to find something appropriate, something that fits your body not too snug or too big, and something you feel most like yourself in. Oy! The 'joys' of being a woman.

Here are my tips for Fancy Fashions for a Curvy Girl:

  • Rule #1: This rule contradicts everything I believe in shopping & Curvy-dom, but it's a must in Formal/Wedding Wear. Do NOT have an idea of a dress silhouette (yes, you're going to be at the mall for a while). It's good to have a general look or color scheme in mind, but every Strapless, Mermaid, and Halter gown is cut differently. There are some silhouettes made for Curvy Girls (cue: Midi's Are Not Your Mom's Work Attire & Slick Splits), but you will get discouraged quickly if you stick to one category, and miss out on great styles that can compliment you just as well! 
  • Know your measurements (Kudos to Brittany!). If you are online shopping, you'll have to look at a size chart (avoiding buying two sizes if possible because shipping/return costs are not on our side). Don't forget to add an inch! We're going for classy-- not skin tight, Girls ;)
  • Don't be afraid of color - any color! I know it's Summer and you're supposed to be bright, but 'Fall' colors are actually a part of the year round uniform. Maroon, Navy, & Black are classic and they aren't going anywhere, so you might as well embrace them-- even when the sun is out.
  • Cutouts are your friend! As on trend as they are, Cutouts are a Curvy Girl's saving grace. They give you the opportunity to show some more skin in more appropriate ways (i.e. back, sides, or shoulder peek-a-boos), while still having a modest length and neckline.

My dear Brittany, here are my picks for you:

Monique Lhuillier Bridesmaids Lace Illusion Sheath Dress

Monique Lhuillier Bridesmaid Ruched Cationic Chiffon Dress

Maggy London One Shoulder Matte Jersey Dress

Hybrid Dress with Side Zip Feature in Midi Length
JS Collections Dress

BCBGeneration One Shoulder Layered Pleated Dress

For more of my pics see Brittany's Pinterest board, and if you have any other Formal events this summer, this Curvy Consultant is here to help you :)

Glad to be back Curvy Girls!