Friday, January 10, 2014

Sway's Not The Only One Without The Answers

I took an unintended break from blogging just to figure out….every single thing! I decided when I hit my quarter life century mark, that I would follow wherever 25 would take me. Whatever obstacles or miracles, I would face them and grow from them and decide who I wanted to be afterwards. Sounds great, right?

So I’m almost 26 and I have a better idea of characteristically where I’d like to go, but I don’t have this great plan for my life like I thought I magically would 364 days later. As a planner and someone who’s somewhat anal retentive about the dumbest things, my idea for this year is to just not have a plan. At all. It sounds similar to last year, but I mean not plan at all. Not a dinner. Not a super bowl party. Not Friday - Sunday. Nothing.  I don’t know how I’m going to achieve this because I even plan what time I’d like to be in bed, but like bed time, life never pans out exactly the way I see it. (Seriously, Family Guy comes on from 10 – 11:30pm. Who can sleep?)

But I do have goals! And forgive me for this next part. After the latest Beyonce album dropped, I am in full stan mode so most of these goals are filled with Beyonce gifs. Enjoy!

Forgive: Myself! For the most insignificant things. I replay moments in my head a lot of how I could change things and I should stop. Why? That’s counterproductive and not encouraging to me in the least.

 Dance: I really like it! And I find myself trying to stop dancing on the CTA every day. No promises that I’ll look like a pro, but fun is fun.

EAT: I’m never going to forsake fast food. Not ever. I’m just not going to eat it everyday or twice on the weekends. Drunk food doesn’t count.

Simple: Not as in “simple b*tch”, honey; simple in getting to the bottom line. We beat around the bush so much in avoidance, but the faster you get to the punch line, the faster you can take action to solve and address whatever it is you’re facing.

That’s all I got! 26 is going to be a sassy year.


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