Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Am I Too Old To Go Out?

It’s a weird complex I have since it's New Years Eve, and I’m 19 days away from my 27th birthday.
I go out on special occasions like Holiday Parties (hello, open bar) or my own birthday. But in the last 2 years lately I feel like I am far too elderly to enjoy a night out.

Here are the thoughts that go through my head:

1.     What do I wear?
a.     It’s important to note that I haven’t purchased anything from Forever 21 in the last year so I don’t even know where to shop for club clothes.

2.     Who do I go with? Does anyone go out to these..”bars”? Anymore?

3.     What time should I be ready? Am I the first or last person at the club?

4.     What should we drink? I have to be drunk to do this soooo shots.
5.     Should I wear a real coat? It’s cold outside!

6.     Is the music going to be too loud?

7.     Shit. I have to pay for my own drinks now that I’m engaged.

8.     (while at the club) Can we go yet?

9.     How far away are we from Taco Burrito King…

In any case, I hope all of you going out tonight wear some real clothes and remember the ball drop for 2015!

I'll be at home in my dress like....

Happy New Year!


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