Thursday, December 13, 2012

If You Love Scandal, Here's Why

I'm happy for many reasons this Thursday, mainly because it's Scandal Thursday and Shonda Rhimes OWNS the night. Plus, the Scandal writers and ABC PR are geniuses because I really have no words.

If you follow me on Twitter you know I live tweet the CRAP out of this show; but there's a reason. Her name is Shonda Rhimes.

The OWN Network just did a Next Chapter on the entire Scandal Show and Ms. Rhimes herself, but here are the main reasons I love her:

  • She was born in Chicago, IL (whoop whoop!)
  • She was named one of Time Magazines "People Who Help Shape The World" in 2007
  • She's the first Female & African American writer to have 4 highly rated primetime shows on a major television network (Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Off The Map, and Scandal
  • She's also one of the first Female & African American television creators to cast a fellow African American Female in a leading role on network television; a role that has not been in filled in over 30 years.

If you don't feel inspired after reading that, then I don't know what to tell you. Break down those walls, Shonda.

As a viewer, I feel personally connected to her eloquent writing because all the scenarios (minus the shooter in the hospital, surviving a plane crash, or erasing all the evidence of a crime at Pope & Assoc), are pretty mirrored to everyday life. She creates these humanized symbols of anguish, happy, sad, struggle and determination through her casting, and the magic we see as fans on tv absolutely starts with the words on her pages. 

I don't know at all what it's like to create a tv show with the world watching, talking, and reacting. I do know that I embrace her all her ideas, regardless of the untimely deaths of my favorite characters. On top of that, Shonda writes for the fans. Every tweet, Facebook post, any opinion of the, Shonda reads and bases a handful of her story lines around them. 

Editor's note: I realize this isn't a fashion post in the least, but it is a post about a woman with a vision and the tools to make sh*t happen. I think that's something that we can all embrace. So with all that being said, watch Scandal tonight and live tweet it since she's reading! Let her know you support her craft.

You go, girl!


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