Monday, December 31, 2012

Never Forget The Old When You're Ringing In The New

Happy (Almost) New Year! Aren't you excited the world didn't end?

While we are all busy making NYE resolutions, and vowing to never do some things again, I think it's important to take time to realize all the things that have helped bring you to yet another New Years Eve day. There's a journey every year and even the bad, the horrible times you went through, are the reason you're making new decisions right now.

So! With that being said, below are the 12 things that I am promising to bring into my New Year. Some are fashion related, some are not. I hope they help you with your revelations and resolutions in being a better you in 2013:

  1. Remember- All those bad things that happened to you this year, they happened and guess what? They're not the worst things that will ever happen to you. Again, the things of this year are NOT worst things that will ever happen to you. The worst thing, would be to not have an opportunity to try and do better and since the Mayans were wrong about the world ending, you have a chance in 2013 to do better because you now know better. 
  2. Party Nails- There's something fun about not matching and making a fashion statement with arguably your smallest accessory, and this trend won't cost you an arm and a leg ;) 
  3. OWN IT - Something so simple that has stuck with me ever since I've heard it! YOU are the only person who can do what YOU do, so do it! Unfortunately this goes for both good and bad things, but if you have the balls to say or do something bold then you better take credit for it. 
  4. Peplum - It's frilly and compliments all shapes! It's moved from skirts to jackets, pants, shorts, and dresses. Peplum is the new LBD.       
  5. Just Keep Swimming - Dorie had some wise words from 'Finding Nemo' but it's true. Also similar to #3, you cannot do anything but move forward in life. When an obstacle does come into your life, time doesn't stop and you can't either. In time, you may find the answer on how to conquer your problem anyway!
  6. High, High Heels - you saw the return of the platform this year right? You either go High or go Low, and I for one, am not a fan of the Kitten Heel. 
  7. Believe in a Higher Power- I respect all Religions and Spiritual Beliefs in the world, but the one thing that truly helped me this year was the understanding that there is a Power greater than myself guiding me with the will to accomplish some pretty hefty goals I set for myself in 2012.
  8. Sequins -  No explanation needed.                                           
  9. GO TO THE GYM - No really. You know all the talk: "your metabolism slows down when you get older blah blah blah", and all that might be true. But I feel better when I know I did something healthy for myself (I also feel better that I went for a run while eating a LARGE #1 from McDonalds). Just do it, the hour will go faster than you think.
  10. Wedge Kicks - Let's just all embrace the fact the we live in the new age 80s, and pumped up kicks are here to stay.                                 
  11. Value Your Friends & Family - I don't know what I would do without the awesome support and honesty of all my loved ones, and I think you guys can say the same for yours. 
  12. Collars - Peter Pan was onto something, and I'm especially happy since I make them myself! Besides, looking dapper never hurt anyone.
and one more for good luck:

Obviously Number 13  would be my Curves, and yours! It has been an amazing year for me on this blog, and it's because of all of you! I am so glad to write and have readers like you that love to read so thank you for being loyal visitors, and embrace your curves in the New Year because they're apart of you.

Have a glass of bubbly tonight, and I'll see you in 2013 ;)


Photo Credit: Pinterest, Evolution Revolution , Christian Louboutin, ASOS, Style Blazer, SodaHead, Castle Blog


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