Thursday, June 14, 2012

These Collars Ain't No Choke

So remember when I did this post?

The Last Word
And then I made these?

Assta Designs

Assata Designs
Well check out July's issue of InStyle Magazine:

InStyle Magazine July 2011

We are officially ahead (or neck, if you will) of the curve! I know some of you were a little bit timid in seeing this trend come alive. It is extreme menswear and how to wear it may be a bit of an obstacle that you aren't ready to tackle, but get ready because it seems these collars are here to stay.

Take it to the Neck:

  1. You do not, do not have to wear a collared shirt to pull of this look. In fact it would look better without one! You'll be adding another layer of grace to your almost complete ensemble, and it could also go along with your statement necklace for the day like Kristen Bell (above) did.
  2. There are no color limitations or restrictions with this trend. Collars are supposed to pop, (full of the neck jokes today) so make them! 
  3. Similar to #1, your neckline isn't decided by the collar or shirt you pair it with. Have fun with tanks, tees, blouses, or  strapless - if you dare. 
  4. Last but not least for us Curvy girls - I know you may be worried this style will draw unnecessary attention upstairs, and you may feel unbalanced in the rest of your outfit. Not even close! Collars are a statement, just like a belt, or a necklace, or printed shoes. They are an accessory and as long as you don't do the Arm Candy effect around your neck, you will be just fine with this trend. :)

Although I do professionally make these Collars (you can email me), I won't be offended if you go another route. There are many talented artists who have taken this simple element  to another level. See below:

Scalloped Sequin Collar Necklace

Sparkling Collar Necklace

INC Collar Necklace

H &M Collar Necklace - On Sale Now!
And my personal favorite:

Dannijo Collar Necklace

What do you guys think? Can Girls do one more thing better than Men? I think I did:

OOTD:  I am wearing, Gap Blouse, Forever 21 Maxi, Vintage Belt,  Go Jane Necklace

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Photo Credit: Trend De La CremeBuy Now Blog Later, GoJane, Forever21, Macy's



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