Friday, January 23, 2015

I Did Something Kind of Crazy #AssataDesigns

I love fashion. I love creating fashion. Looking at trends, prints, patterns and working with textiles is kind of my thing. It's the project that gets my blood pumping and also something that gives me creative purpose.


I opened an Etsy store! Introducing "Assata Designs". You can read my post here and here behind the meaning of Assata Designs and who Assata is (spoiler alert: I get it from my mama).

You can visit the shop here and right now I'm exclusively focusing on accessories for Men, Women and Baby. I wanted to share this with you all because I am finally ready to do this. 

Note: The Etsy store is debuting, and like me, it will evolve over time. A full bottle of Shiraz was a fuel for this project so be gentle with your thoughts.

And since I turned 27 use code "ASSATA" to get 27% of your very first order. 



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