Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cerulean, Cobalt & Indigo..Oh My!

Happy Leap Day!! It seems strange doesn't it that we have this extra day of the year, and for those of you in Chicagoland, this 60 degree day? In any case, it's a day to celebrate and what better way than to spoil yourselves and your closets with a new Spring trend.

Does anyone remember this show-stopping explanation?

Fabulous Meryl; I hope to be a Silver Coiffed Fox in my late Fashionista days, too. Nevertheless this video is the essence of Spring. Bright may be in, but Blue is definitely back.

Billy Reid NYFW 2012

Photo Source: The Ultra

Here's the good bad news about Blues & Brights: there is no way to be subtle. Color is going to make you stand out and your figure will look much fuller with a block of color. That's just the principal of not wearing black. It brings attention to the peaks and valleys of your curves and I need you ladies to be OK with that! Because guess what? All this doesn't mean you can't wear it ;) Embrace it! Color is in, and who are you to not to put your own sassy spin on this solstice?

Time for some Blue Clues:
  •  First and foremost, this is your new Spring/Summer Bestie:
This color wheel shows you exactly which colors compliment your hues. That's not to say you cannot pair Blue with any other color, but it does show you the best fit and helps avoid looking like Crayola. (Google Images)
  •  Cuts, cuts, and more cuts! The color is one statement - the cut of the garment is entirely another. Like you may have read in other posts on The Last Word it's all about how you style yourself. With Blue's I would stick with something simple and structure. Remember, the garment is to for your body to fill out, not overpower your beauty!
  • For accessories - stick to metals! For special occasions of course have a ball, but for every day wear I would stick to Silver or Gold. All eyes on Blue!

So Cool: See It Through Shirt

Ellison: Tiered Shirt Dress

Lush: No Going Back Hi-Low Dress
Dolce Vita: Daisy Belted Wrap Silk Romper

Cameo: Box Sleeve Dress

Flying Tomato: Lace Tank Dress

ASOS: Blue Denim Ski Pant Jeggings
Another Blue Fact: New Arrivals from featured in this blogpost are 30% off today only! How cool is that?!

So take a Leap this day and score some Blue!



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