Monday, February 6, 2012

Trendy Tops? How Rude!

It's just another Manic Monday over here at The Last Word, and while it is almost over I thought I would bring something to your attention.

I am sure you all have seen this commercial for Trendy Top:

There are many things wrong in this commercial, especially from a Marketing perspective (i.e. The purpose of this product is null when you can still see the top of the jeans on a model wearing Trendy Top), but my biggest problem is that this commercial is offensive! "So that belly isn't sticking out all around?" and "Put a stop to that muffin top?" Trendy Top, if I even thought I needed your product you have just called me FAT in so many ways! On top of that, you claim to be "hip", but you clearly don't know how to navigate your way around the construction of a garment. Our midsections show when a top is cut too short, and there is always a bulge around jeans that are made too tight at the waistline. You are not solving these "problems" created by our shapes!

While my rant is officially over (for now), I for one could not be more over Fatty Trendy Top and their lackluster colors. Seriously, if you are offering this to women why does it only come in four colors? We are versatile creatures. However, that doesn't mean that their idea is completely insane. Layering is key and the utility of this garment is used is actually not a bad thought. So what is a Fashion Girl to do? She is to do it herself :)

This project isn't hard at all. All you'll need is scissors, and for your advanced folks, maybe some sewing tape.

1. Buy a close fitting tank made of Spandex, Jersey, or Stretch Knit.
2. Cut it in half.

You're done! *If you want to make your edges finished you can buy Sewing Tape and use the instructions from the video below, or you can let them fray for an Edgy look to your new accessory. 

And have some fun with these tops:
ASOS Tank Top With Floral Pleated Corset Insert

Hard Tail 'Asana' Racerback Tank

Hard Tail Long Tank

Crystal Knit Tank

FREECITY Life Nature Love Water Tank

Like I said in my first post, this is going to be a hub to celebrate the beautiful shapes and sizes of ALL Women. Trendy Top and products like it, are banking off of insecurities or planting seeds for them, and use words to insinuate negative ideas while trying to sell a product. Have some fun with these printed tops and and love every single part of your body.



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