Thursday, April 5, 2012

Shopaholic Not So Anonymous

Hello to my Treasured Readers!!

I know it has been quite a while since I've had a blog post, but I can assure you it is for good reason. Like I said in my last post, I have a few things in the pipeline and among them are some of my personal projects. I adore fashion and as a constant consumer and student of the craft, I decided to dive in myself!
It's Me!
More on that in a later post and be on the lookout for my dear friend, ChiStyleMaven to post about some of my work!

On the point of this post!

I can't stop shopping. Ever. It is an outstanding habit that has unfortunately overflowed my closet space (both of them). I especially can't stop around this time of year because it's what I like to call "Peek & Steal" time. That time between each season where you get a peek at all the new season items, colors, and trends to come, and all the last season items are at a steal of almost 80% off! I have fallen prey and I wanted to show you all why:

Steal #1 
Hooded Tinsel Dress
This was one of my first steals. Akira had an amazing sale this past weekend with 50% off of already reduced items. Never fear - the sale items have been further marked down including some fab Jefferey Campbell, For Love & Lemons, and LAMB gear. I love this dress because of the drama. While it is a bit mini, the hood gives it a different effect. You're immediately drawn to the top of your body with a silhouette that's rarely seen, and it sparkles! What more could you want? :)
Style Inspiration - Lindsay Lohan & Kim Kardashian in Brian Lichtenberg

*note the link takes you to a similar style dress.

Steal #2
BB Dakota The Garrett Vest in Chalk White
This was another item I got in a blowout sale from Karmaloop. Not only do I love the brand, but this versatile vest is currently under $20. I know Fur or puffy vests usually add bulk or volume, but here I think it's a necessary evil. Even in the picture the model is wearing a fitted piece and the vest accentuates her body, especially where it hits her hips. You can wear this sleeveless in warm weather, or as outerwear in the Winter! The best part? The vest is under $20.
Style Inspiration: Jennifer Lopez, Amerie & Audrina Patridge in Fur
Peek #1 & #2
Since the boom of Collar Necklaces, I really liked the idea of jewelry having more of a presence VS an accent in your outfit. A lot of designers have expanded the size and idea of the necklaces, bracelets, and even Avant Garde earrings. One trend that I will be a front runner in making sure it stays is the Body (Arm) Chains:
Love them!
This trend is derived from Belly Dancers & Gypsies as an accent piece to show form and movement in the body. This could easily move into the realm of statement necklaces/body Jewels and can be dressed up with Gala attire, or give identity to a simple Tank or Tee. So far, one of my favorite sellers I have found is on eBay at a great price!
Style Inspiration: Evelyn Lozada from Basketball Wives
I could go on all day with my latest shopping trip, but I think these are the main ideas from both the items and how to approach this season and its clearance racks with strategy!

Until next time - Shop 'til You Drop!


Photo Credit: VH1, Google Images, eBay,,


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