Tuesday, April 10, 2012

There's No Fear in Fashion - Just Ask Fran Fine!

So originally this was 2 posts but I combined it into one, since I saw both of my messages had the same theme :)

As I aim to empower us Women of all shapes, sizes, and colors by embracing the beauty in ourselves, I also want you readers to feel a sense of confidence; to be proud of what you wear and how you wear it. I know I typically do a lot of posts about clothes that aren't "normal wear" - but that is kind of my point. I think everyone should define the normal from their own wardrobes! There may be a dress code where you go, but I have never heard of a "Style Code" and believe me if there was one, I would be breaking it everyday. There is a time and place for every frock but that doesn't mean you can't express who you are from inside your closet. One woman I think embodies this ideology truly, is my ultimate style icon, Ms. Fran Fine:

Wasn't TV so much better back then?

I know some of you are thinking I'm crazy!! Some of you may think The Nanny was loud, brash, and her outfits were downright tacky, but that is exactly why I love her! Fran was fearless in every sense of the word. On top of the fact that in any given episode she had at least 5 wardrobe changes that alternated different jewelry, shoes, and hairpieces (NOTE: embrace faux hair - that's a blog post for later), Fran wore what she pleased to where she pleased and she wasn't sorry about it! That is a TRUE Fashionista. 

Work, Fran!

Fran welcomed the challenge of defying the "Style Quo" and from the looks of these images, she had a blast in doing so. That is why I am so eager to bring you all posts and outfit combinations that you may not normally see. It's fun to push the limits, but more importantly to push yourselves. There's so much untapped individuality in Fashion and there is definitely a difference in the way you & I wear this seasons pieces. 

The woman was not without her suits!

With all that said, I'm sure the question is 'how am I supposed to do this?' 'It's great to be fearless, but when?' And 'where am I ever going to wear a snack inspired dress like the one above?'  That's what I'm here for :)

Here are some rules in breaking the rules:
  1. People will stare. I don't say this to be cocky, or encourage you to be, it's just the truth. If you push the limits it will both intrigue and confuse people. Either way you will gain some onlookers in your bravery of Couture. Accept it now! It's just a silent compliment ;)
  2. Don't let your clothes be your leash. What I mean is this: it was almost 80 degrees in the past couple of weeks and I wore my fair share of leather. It doesn't matter the season at times, just have a little fun! Some of your clothes are too cute to be confined to one season! Remember those sleeveless turtlenecks?
  3. Treat the Movie Theatre, Mall, Club, and Grocery Store the same. I don't encourage you to wear party dresses everywhere (but if you do I won't stop you!); but like I said before there isn't a dress code to the general public. You are expressing yourself in everything you wear and just because you wear heels to the Supermarket, does not mean you are out of place. The Nanny sure pulled it off!
  4. You will still be in season! Fashion moves in cycles, and each year there is an expansion of a similar idea (i.e. first came Cargo pants, now Cargo skinnies). Wear the clothes you love to wear because chances are you will still mesh in the overall theme, but with your own twist!

No outfit suggestions today! I dare you all to delve into your own closets to find something FAB to stand out in. I know I did:

OOTD: H&M Floppy Hat, BB Dakota Fur Vest, Wilsons Leather Blazer , Vintage Pearls

Inspired by The Nanny!

Media Credit: Google Images, YouTube, FanPop.com, FashionForJojo.com


  1. Fran Drescher is hilarious. Great tips!

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  2. Isn't she great? LOL & thanks for reading!!