Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Just For Kicks: Hi Tops!

Hello Glorious Readers!
It has been a while, but I promise I will not leave you without a morsel of fashion for too long again! Since it has been so long, we are going to get right to the point - or in this case to the top!

For Spring 2012 one of the trends I hold near and dear to my heart are High Top Sneakers. As a 90's baby this brings back all kind of Fresh Prince & Kriss Kross nostalgia, but let me tell you these Sneak's on women, are sexy. Take note:

We first saw these on Mrs. Knowles - Carter in her 'Love on Top' video when she paid homage to Boys II Men (see how the 90's are making a comeback?):
Beyonce wearing Isabel Marant Bekket Sneakers
I don't know what there is not to love about these shoes! Aside from the throwback to a fabulous decade, they are chic and......COMFORTABLE. They aren't hard to pair with your existing wardrobe, either. Since (ankle) Booties have been a hit for the past 2 years just incorporate your styling ideas with these. Below are a few words of wisdom if you are still hesitant :):
  • High Top Sneakers are bottom heavy - they're meant to be. Most will feature hits of gold or silver, or both with bold colors. Make sure to create a balance in your outfit and on your body and wear longer tops.
  • Back to that color issue - most shoes will have a lot of them. Don't worry about wearing all those colors at the top. In fact, don't worry about wearing any of them! Try Opposite Colors - they are fun and make your outfit pop!
  • For bottoms - keep it Skinny or Straight legged. You can wear leggings, jeans, or even tights, but just make sure part, if not all of the hem of your bottoms, can fit inside and showcase the tounge of the shoes.
Here are a few of my favorites, including one from my own personal collection:
Isabel Marant Sneaker
Adidas Metallic High-Top Sneaker
Vlado New Age Gold Black High-Top Sneakers
Aldo Nets
The Bea Sneaker in Yellow and Camel Suede
And mine :) Fila Women's High Top Sneakers
And just for Kicks...




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