Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I'm Not Biker Chic, I'm Metallic Chic!

It's that time again, folks! So let's get straight to our Hump Day Post :)

The Internet is a blaze as of late, with Spring, Pre-Fall/Fall 2012 Trends and one that seems to be here to stay is the Motorcycle Jacket. Here is the thing: We have seen Biker Chic before, and while Leather is truly a closet staple in any form, I personally don't have a style aesthetic that matches "Grunge" or "Biker". HOWEVER! I can completely agree with Metallic (remember: Let It Shine ?), Glitter (how about Glitter Is A Girls BFF ?), Or Sparkles as Outerwear: 

IRO Spring 2012

IRO Spring 2012

Atelier Versace Spring 2012 Couture

These jackets are BEAUTIFULLY constructed. They have the same Edge-y feel as the Moto frame, but there is a lot of POP going on. With IRO, the jackets have strategically placed zippers, stained leather, and a fashion fave: sequins. With Versace, glitter & revolutionary detailing create the beauty of these pieces. These Jackets are a far cry from Harley, (Sorry Mr. Davidson) and should be in every girl's closet ASAP!

So, how do you do it?
  • Again, this trend is obviously NON Biker Chic. Everything you wear underneath should be clean. Straight-legged or Skinny Jeans, and simple colored Tanks/Tees, or Dresses. The idea is to be innovate with the jacket - step outside the Moto box!
  • Play up the color! As seen in a few pieces above, there is nothing wrong here with matching. You can match one (if not all) the colors of the jacket to a piece you are wearing, OR you can make your own suit and add color to your bottom half.
  • Don't over-accessorize! This trend is in a very central location. You won't need a lot of 'POP' elsewhere. Try and stay simple with jewelry - Gold and Silver Studs or plain colored Bangles.
  • Identify your shapes - be mindful of where on your body the Jacket ends. If it hits you at the waist, identify your waist with either a belt, or a long top so this fabulous trend doesn't "chop" your body. Show your silhouette from head to toe.

Look at some of these for inspiration:

ASOS Metallic Collarless Leather Biker Jacket
KARL Octavia Sequined Biker Jacket
Royal Underground Ruffle-Trim Metallic Motorcycle Jacket

Calvin Klein Faux Ultrasuede Metallic Moto Jacket
Ralph Lauren Jenski Metallic Suede Jacket

Blaze the trail in a Glam way!



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