Monday, January 23, 2012

Pleats, Please!

Top of another week to you all! Wherever you are reading this, I hope you have saved your Monday attire from all the slush and snow. On this Manic Monday, I want to draw your attention to Pleats, but not just any pleats, Chiffon Pleats! They are no longer just for school girls- peep Katherine Heigl in this month's Elle Magazine:

Katherine Heigl in Fendi
Photo Credit: Tom & Lorenzo
There is something so regal about pleats to me. The presence of a well done pleat is so Royal and Chic, you command attention when you walk in any room - which is why my closet is full of pleats ;)

Case & Point:  "Carrie Bradshaw" in Halston Heritage Iconic Pleated Long Dress in Orange
Photo Credit Google Images

I'm also Team Pleats because the lines are vertical, and we all know how I feel about vertical (slim) lines. With the bold return of Chiffon, this trend is a priority for the upcoming Spring/Vacation season.

Want some Pleats? Here are my tips before you do:
  • Just because it's see through, doesn't mean I have to see you! Chiffon Pleats are great, but don't go the normal route with see-thru textiles and show off your underoos - take this chance to do something different! Experiment with different colors, prints, or even textures (Lace and Chiffon can't go wrong).
  • Don't loose your shape! Most Chiffon pieces are billowy - they create a lot of movement and volume on the body. Make sure the remainder of your outfit is juxtaposed with something form fitting so you can show off your bodacious bod.
  • Remember the rules! Chiffon Pleats, and pleats of any kind for that matter, are still garments. Remember which garments fit you and compliment you best to afford this trend (Note: This advice goes for all frocks).

Try it out!:

Penelope Silk Maxi Dress
The Colorblocked Maxi Dress Mint X Navy

The Colorblocked Party Dress

The Jasmine Pleated Pant

Try it in Bikini form - Seafolly Pleat Bandeau Bikini

Live it up like royalty in Pleats, Girl!



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