Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Let's Revisit This

I just want to reiterate something as I find my voice with this blog and you guys as my readers. I am ALL about appreciating your size. I think being voluptuous is sexy and we make magic when we add volume and shape to any dress, top, pant, or jacket.
The post I wrote yesterday celebrated that, but also put the spotlight on a recently curvy Christina Aguilera. While she has been battling weight problems through a portion of her career and most recently an ongoing battle with foe Kelly Osbourne (Kelly Osbourne calls Christina Aguilera Fat) I do not think she’s unattractive. In fact I think as Christina Aguilera belted in her 2002 hit , she is “Beautiful”, and will probably be mentioned at some point on this blog. HOWEVER, I did want to use this time to point out that this particular image of the Latina singer is what I want all Curvy women to stay away from.

I think beauty is overshadowed when women try so hard to flatter themselves in the clothes that are trendy just because everyone else wears them. That is so boring! Standing out is what makes fashion, Fashion. I think the beauty of being Curvy is embracing it and having fun with all types of print, fabrics, shapes, and sizes. Pouring yourself into something like this is less flattering to you, and an injustice to yourself.
I’m not going to further analyze what’s wrong in the 2011 AMA pics of Xtina, I think we all have formed some opinion of them anyway.  The bottom line again is this: you are doing a disservice to yourself and your body, when you hide the real beauty inside an ill fitted piece of clothing. Be proud of, and show off tastefully everything that you are working with. I sure am.

In the immortal words of Grammy Winner Christina Aguilera:

Ciao Bella.



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