Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Glitter Is A Girl's BFF

A Happy Holidays to you lovely Ladies! Hopefully thanksgiving was all that you’ve hoped for :)

December is quickly approaching and we all know what that means: Holiday Parties! One of my favorite accessories that is both work and socially appropriate for this time of year are: tights. Patterned tights have been around for some time, but my favorite new twist is Glitter Tights:

 Now remember, since the bottom half of your body speaks so much for itself in these sparkly sensations, try to be demure at the top. Use these tips:
  • Use the main color of the tights to be the guide for your outfit’s color scheme.
  • The attention will go straight to the sparkle -balance your outfit with form fitting pieces so you don’t look bottom heavy.
  • Glitter is enough – stay away from frills and lace. The point is to have the tights pop, not be an addition to a crazy circus outfit!
  • With accessories follow the tights: if the glitter is Silver then pair it with like jewelry and vice versa for Gold.
  • For Shoes, try to be simple with a Pump or T- Strap – never a Boot (Booties are okay). Don’t cover up your shine, illuminate it and accessorize right!

Here are a few of my favorite pairs:

Hue Glitter Lines Tights

Hue Glitter Motif Tights

Leg Avenue Glitter Lurex Tights

Nordstrom Glitter Tights

Have The Last Word this season Girls, and outshine the Christmas Tree ;)

Until next time!



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