Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ever Wonder Why You're A Fruit?

 Labels no Love. Usually in magazines with advice on how to "Dress Right For Your Body Type" there are categories you may fit into like "Pear" or "Apple" if you have any kind of shape. 

Wonder where it comes from? Here's a little history lesson:

Apple:  Green or Red?
Apple shaped women have broad shoulders with narrow hips, slim legs and thighs; fat is mainly distributed in the abdomen, chest, and face.
Orange You Glad I Didn't Say Banana?
Banana shaped women have a waist line not much smaller than the hips or bust and this overall fat distribution creates the typical straight, up and down shape.
Grow A Pear!
Pear shaped women have hips that are larger than the bust and the fat distributes to the buttocks, hips, and thighs. Pear shaped women also have a small busts.*
(*Thanks Identify Womensfigures have changed in 50 years) 
So Ladies, does this fruit basket make you feel sexy with a model sized cover girl on your magazine? I think not.

While it's important to identify your shape - placing yourself in a category of styling is so limiting! 

Here's a few tips I like to use:

Whether you're a Kiwi, Grape, or Strawberry - LENGTH is serious business!
For denim, try to go with a length 2" - 4" past your natural inseam. It takes the stress of the denim away from your hips and gives a longer silhouette.
For skirts, try Pencil! The shape of the skirt has the same effect as the jeans, but here you get to show a little leg :)
For tops: Torso is your center point, so always style this part of your body with a statement. Make sure your tops ends at your hip line to illuminate the beginning of your Curves at your waist.

It's all about style don't be a fruit!


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