Thursday, November 10, 2011


I started this blog because as I grew into my body, “Curvy” was not a positive term. I was too big for the Junior’s sizes and too small for the Women’s, and in retail there was no place for someone like me. It wasn’t until ‘Bootylicious’ was so popular that “Curvy” came to pass in every contemporary style. But in the end, Curvy doesn’t denote the wonderful differences among women or even so, the beautiful curves of our bodies.

So this blog is for you, Curvy women: let's celebrate our sexy shapes! Rock our Hourglass bodices, wear the clothes we’re dying to wear, and be unapologetic for our size or beauty. Let this site be the Hub for all things progressive of Haute Couture, because let's face it: our shapes make it happen. Fashion may not always include us, but we dictate the trends. So dare to take risks and be Chic …cause Curvy girls have The Last Word.


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