Thursday, December 15, 2011

Let Me See Your Hips SWING!

Hello Lovely Ladies! It is Thursday which means the question of the weekend plagues us: "What do I Wear?!" No fear, another party post is here to save the day, or to add to your NYE wardrobe possibilities. Today we have: Peplum!

Fun fact: Peplum is a Greek word that literally means a mini skirt or ruffle attached to a garment by the waist line.
(Today's history lesson is provided by Wikipedia.) Now that we've learned something let's get to dressing :-)

Think of Peplum as "classic layering"; Most ruffles hit right above the hip line smoothing out our curves - Peplum is our BFF ladies!

Here's a few cautionary tips:
  • Peplum that starts at the hips will make you look hippy - which can exaggerate an unflattering point in our bodies.
  • Slight ruffles at the waist can make the middle part of us look bigger - which takes away the curvaceous effect in general.
  •  Colorblock Peplum can also have the same effect - if that's the look you are going for try to make sure the colors balance each other out (i.e neutrals with neutrals, bright colors with bright colors, not orange and navy blue)
Never fear ladies! Here are some examples of Peplum done SO right:

How cool is this?! A Peplum Belt to add to your exisitng wardrobe! BCBG Max Azria Peplum Waist Belt

ASOS Dress With Leather Insert Peplum

ASOS Aqua 'Klingon' Peplum Skirt

Mark + James by Badgley Mischka Strapless Peplum Dress

BeBe Fit & Flare Party Dress
Last but not least a few accessorizing ideas:
  • With these dresses, since there is so much going on below the waist I like to fluff up the top! Exaggerate with a nice smoky eye, using the colors of your dress.
  • Try a nice updo for a cute Vintage feel.
  • BIG earrings! That should be your only statement jewelry to keep it classic and simple.
That's all today ladies! Enjoy some of the sales on theses dresses, and glam up your wardrobe - you deserve it!



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