Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Let It Shine!

Happy Holidays everyone! I hope you are all enjoying this season, as it is time to be jolly :)

As promised, here is your latest party post!  I’m sure you gals are finalizing (or like me, just placing your order) for that perfect outfit. For this time of year, the trend is to sparkle with sequins of all colors, or with glitter (Remember that Glitter is A Girl's BFF),  but what I really challenge you feisty divas to do: is SHINE. Try out some tasteful Metallics! 

Metallics are in a class of there own because of the glam factor. Most are artistic pieces that you don't see in your usual party attire. What I also love about the concept is that you don’t have to over accessorize because your outfit glows in itself :)

Tips to be FAB:
  • Metallics are made with various colors (black, copper, silver etc.) so try to keep your shoes black or nude. Any neutral color will help highlight the dress itself; and if you are wearing a metallic piece (top, skirt, or jacket) the same shade rules apply to the rest of your 'fit.
  • For accessories: stay simple.  Overpowering the top of your body can make you look bottom heavy, and with bracelets, rings or even a necklace, stick to the +1 only rule.
  •  For makeup: here’s where it’s fun to match! With these dresses, make sure you choose one asset as your glam point: eyes, cheeks, or lips, and bring on the shimmer!
  • Tights! They are a must, try sheer or opaque, but its best to have your gams as your sidekick tonight instead of a main attraction.
For some suggestions see my top picks below!

Get your GLAM on!



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