Thursday, June 28, 2012

Kelly Cutrone's Do's & Don'ts From The Summer WIll Shock You

It's Thursday, which means 1 more day 'til the weekend (we made it!), and 5 more days until Independence Day. While we're in the thick of Summer Style and some of us in 101 degree heat, what better way to find the perfect holiday outfit than tips for this Haute weather.

PR Maven and overall Fashion Genius, Kelly Cutrone, stopped to chat with Marlo Thomas for her "Do's and Don'ts" this Summer. 25 pro's and faux - pas made her list. Check out my top 4 - do you agree with Kelly?

"Do wear all of the wonderful 1920's and 1930's clothes that are out now. This trending style is a nod to Gatsby and Fitzgerald. Think sleek and silky in bias cut gowns, bejeweled multi chain necklaces and headbands, wide leg trousers and drop waist dresses"
"Do not wear neon. Not this season, not next, not ever. Accessories are the only exception to this rule."

Don't spend over $15 on flip flops. EVER.

"Do celebrate your curves with a vintage inspired bikini. Can you say 'Hello, Annette Funicello!?'"

Photo Credit: Huffington Post



  1. I love neons, if worn correctly they make a beautiful outfit! As for flipflops I would never wear them. Great blog!