Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Don't Spend Eternity In Forever 21: A Shopper's Guide

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So we've talked about how to Style, Runway Trends, and Cosmetics, but we need to address is the foundation of all possessions: Shopping! Especially shopping at the Insta-Fashion Mecca:

They have everything from Prom Dresses to Cuticle Trimmers and honestly, walking in the door of a multilevel retailer can scare off the most fearless of us Curvy Girls. So, this post is my ode to all the women who have spent 2+ hours on the shopping floor only to walk away with one garment, if anything at all. It's pretty simple, straight to the point, and I promise you will never lallygag again.

1. Know Your Retailer. 
Forever 21 can be shopped both online and in store. Fun Fact: I have from sales associates  on good authority that 75% off the items you see online, have already been on the sales floor for weeks. You have the option of finding it via sales associate with the item# a lá Macy's, but you'd be hard pressed to shop the entire store for an online "New Arrival".

2. Know What Your Store Sells.
For me, there are 4 Chicagoland Forever 21 locations: North Ave, Water Tower, The Shops At North Bridge, and State Street. These 4 are all in different areas of the city, and therefore all have different assortments to appeal to a different shopper. Know which one best suits your needs --> Water Tower = More Everyday Options, The Shops At North Bridge = Accessories GALORE, State Street = Party Attire, so you aren't in the store forever. Which brings me to:

3. Have A LIST.
I don't mean an itemized grocery list, I mean have a list. Whether it's "I need a purple paisley dress for a dinner party" to, "I need a top cause it's going to be 80 degrees on Saturday", either way you know what you are shopping for and know which section of the store to shop in. Walking blind in Forever 21 can be more hassle than it's worth when you get tired, and their music will ALWAYS be louder than your headphones.

4. You See That Dress for $6.50 ? So Does Everyone Else.
I do the running man- live and in store when I find a great deal, but Forever 21 will forever have the under $10 items that seem too good too be true; it's because they are! These items aren't your friend for several reasons: the cheaper items are highly massed produced. They're made fast, in multiples, and not so great fit-wise. Most importantly, you aren't the only one who saw the price tag which means everyone you know will pop up wearing that piece. Believe me, there are diamonds in the rough, but someone you met at a party or went to College with will wear that "bargain" in a profile picture on Facebook.

5. Try On The Really Cute Dress.
You know, the ones that are in the $22.80 or more range. Mostly because the higher priced garments are made with care & better silhouettes. That also means you'll probably need a size smaller than you think due to this attention to detail. Review the final cut at the end of this step and you are finally ready to check out!

I know, all of this sounds like the rantings of a Shopaholic. That's true, but so is everything else in this blog post! All of these tips have helped me ESPECIALLY when a girlfriend calls last minute to go to a really cool event, and I only have 30 minutes to shop. It is possible! And Curvy Girl S/O: Forever 21 has a line made for us, and Love 21 - the newer contemporary line with a more forgiving size chart.

Obviously these can be used for any mass or big box retailer of your liking. The point: go with a mission because aimless shopping with Techno Pop blaring in the background is not for the feint of heart.

Happy Hump Day!

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