Monday, June 11, 2012

The Sock Bun Redone

Let me preface this post by saying I do not hate the Sock Bun. I LOVE the Sock Bun. I would even live for the Sock Bun if, I could do it.

This post is for all the gals like me who have spent time and energy to create the perfect 'do, only to wind up with holy socks, a high count of bun rollers, and hair NOT in a bun.

I wish.
I can't do the Sock Bun to save my life and I finally gave up trying. It's such a beautiful style. It's regal, my hair is up and out of my way, and it's HUGE- just like a bun should be. Then I thought about it--all these elements can be achieved in many other ways! So forget this style. I don't give a sock. I'm doing big hair in an updo my own way and here's how:

The Top Knot

The Bun Braid:

The High Bun with A Twist

And if you're just done with the bun altogether, (I don't blame you) check out these high style alternatives:

French Bouffant Roll

Modern Milk Maiden

The Peacock 

The Braid-Hawk

Don't limit yourself. Hair can go up in all kinds of ways and just because you can't grasp the mastery of a trick with accessories intended for your feet, doesn't mean you can't pull off a Chignon of your very own. :)

Show me your style! Leave a comment or send me your own version of the up do to showcase here, on The Last Word.

Happy Monday!


Photo Credit:,,, BenchPrep PinterestHairstyles For 2012 Hairstyle Free


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