Thursday, June 21, 2012

Skinny Girls Vs Curvy Girls: Is This Really A Fight?

I recently discovered an article written by Sabrina Crockett : Why Is It Suddenly Cool To Hate On Skinny Girls? and let me just say, it is not.

It isn't and never will be.

The message I will continue to reiterate on The Last Word, is that this is a forum to celebrate Curvy women like myself and all my readers. The beauty in this also, is that there isn't room to hate. By celebrating our Curves and the things that individualize us and no longer place all Curvy women in a category with negative connotations, is not the opportunity to put down those who do not identify with us. I believe Ms. Crockett agrees. In her article she states:

..and I could not support her belief more. Plainly speaking, this isn't a "the oppressed becomes the oppressor" situation. Being Curvy in society is about a trend in loving yourself more and appreciating the value within, but at it's core it is indeed a trend. It is our responsibility to love ourselves, not society's, and if they turn on the drop of the dime not only do we look foolish by ridiculing others, but we are also continuing to be disrespectful to our fellow Woman. We're all Women here!


Sabrina even goes on to talk about this meme, that I am sure a few of us have favortited on Twitter or repinned on Pinterest:

And in the context of this article, I discovered how unfortunate this message is. Sabrina goes on to talk about the weight battle some Skinny girls may face in devotion to their own perfect body image, and the celebration of curves could hinder their own self appreciation. Curvy women, I know this is not what we are about.

I went on a rant say all this to say I will continue to celebrate my Curves every chance I get, but I will not do it at the expense of someone else's well being. And neither should you! I think Sabrina agrees with me because:

-The Last Word

Photo Credit: Why Is It Suddenly Cool To Hate On Skinny Girls? 


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